Mockingbird Station Market in Dallas is Today

This evening from 4:00 to 7:00pm show up at Mockingbird Station for their weekly market. Here are just a few of the products available today. The press release says:

Granola, fresh blueberries, pastured meats, eggs and cheese. Try Grapevine Grains’ signature granolas on your ice cream — refreshingly natural on these 100-degree days.  Or top of your ice cream with Berry Best Farm’s certified organic blueberries. And when you come by check out the pastured beef and pork from Truth Hill Farms, cheeses from Full Quiver Farms and some fresh Gulf seafood from the Texas coast courtesy of the Shrimp Stop (untainted by the oil spill), Stephanie’s Premium Bakery (cookies), Wackym’s Kitchen (cookies), WeMe Breads (crusty breads, ranch dressing “to die for”), Texas Honeybee Guild (guess!) and Luscombe Farms (jalapeno jelly). For more information on the vendors.