Dining Quote of the Week

Marina O’Loughlin is a dining blogger for The Guardian in the U.K. This morning she posts a hilarious look at eating at chef’s tables and meeting celebrity chefs. On chef’s tables she writes:

“Sitting in the middle of frantic, sweaty activity while calmly stuffing your face? I seriously can’t imagine anything worse. You’re regarding the chef as some kind of serf-ish floorshow, all artificially on their best, non-profane behaviour. While they must surely look on you as nothing more than an overprivileged chimps’ teaparty.”

The rest is here. Thanks, Marina. Overprivileged chimps is a keeper.


  • Cleo

    If she thinks the kitchen staff regard those in the dining room any differently, she never worked in a kitchen.

  • TLS

    I have had some uncomfortable chefs table experiences myself.

    My family and I dined at Roy’s in Plano this past NYE. We did not request but were put at seats overlooking the open kitchen. The girls at garde manger could barely hide their contempt for us. From the snide looks to the under-the-breath comments it was all I could do to keep from flying over the counter, telling them off, and then making my own damn salad, thank you. My experience that night was mostly positive due to the friendly and professional waitstaff and line cooks. But those two girls will never work their way out of garde manger with their juvenile antics and I will never again sit at an open kitchen or chefs table.

  • According to kent rathbun, I was lied to by charlie palmer at his namesake restaurants chef’s table one night. “We’ve never served foie gras in this kitchen” said a goose loving Charlie. “He’s a ducking liar. I’ve been in his kitchen when they served foie gras”. Said our man Kent.

    No word if Chuck thought we were a bunch of overprivileged chimps…

  • Chef Kent

    I said Charlie Trotter

  • Chef Kent

    Facts. There good!!!!

  • Tivoli

    Funny Kent!

  • Sorry Kent, too quick with the key pad. It was indeed Trotter. Apologies Charlie P!