Calling All Cake Balls! You’re the New Cupcake!

Photo by D Magazine cupcake editor, Allison Hatfield.

Last year we talked about Robin Ankeny’s Cake Ball Company in East Dallas. She swiped her mom’s recipe and started a small company in her house. Now she’s big time with a storefront, industrial kitchen, and a delivery service. You might say she’s balls to the walls. Or maybe you wouldn’t.

Anywhoo, one of the gals in our office, we call her Coors Light, has a sister in Austin. Her sister, Kathy Nickleburr, has just entered the dark and stormy business of making cake balls. Her Austin-based company, Belle of the Cake Ball, just delivered this pretty arrangement to the office. They are gone. We didn’t pay for them. I’m not being paid to write this. However, I want another one.