Calling All Cake Balls! You’re the New Cupcake!

Photo by D Magazine cupcake editor, Allison Hatfield.

Last year we talked about Robin Ankeny’s Cake Ball Company in East Dallas. She swiped her mom’s recipe and started a small company in her house. Now she’s big time with a storefront, industrial kitchen, and a delivery service. You might say she’s balls to the walls. Or maybe you wouldn’t.

Anywhoo, one of the gals in our office, we call her Coors Light, has a sister in Austin. Her sister, Kathy Nickleburr, has just entered the dark and stormy business of making cake balls. Her Austin-based company, Belle of the Cake Ball, just delivered this pretty arrangement to the office. They are gone. We didn’t pay for them. I’m not being paid to write this. However, I want another one.


  • Thomas

    Fearing’s serves these as “giveaways” on certain special occassions to each guest when they deliver the bill at the end of your meal. We had them on Easter Brunch – DELICIOUS!

  • Mallory

    Love Cake Balls. I am attempting to make them this weekend with my mother for a bridal shower. Wish me luck.

  • Angie

    My co-workers had a cake ball exchange fiasco during this past holiday season. Everyone made a specific flavor and quantity, and was evenly distributed amongst the group. This way every one had a variety to share with family at home.

  • The though of someone using their hands to roll cooked cake crumbs and frosting is kind of icky. I mean, they taste allright but I still prefer cake to a cake ‘ball’.

  • HK

    I haven’t found many that have knocked my socks off. However, I really enjoyed some that were served at a recent business cocktail reception made by Two Sisters…one chipotle chocolate and one peanut butter. Super yummy and great consistency.

  • Tim

    Pass…..Soon everyone will be opening up their own retail join to peddle these….probably next door to a frozen yogurt shop….next to a (fill in the blank) concept for beautiful people…