Ask and You Shall Receive Edition: Neo Pizza Lowers Prices

Last week I told you about Neo Pizza in Victory Park. I liked it. I thought the price of my pizza was a bit high, but I said I would return anyway. Fast forward to now. I just got an email in my inbox that says owner Charlie Green is lowering prices as a result of recent feedback. Here’s the good stuff:

Appetizers now start at $5 (previously started at $8)

Almost all pizza prices have been lowered by $1 or more

The Kids Pizza (Regular size, which serves 2) is now $10. This equates to $5 pizza dinner per child

Almost all sandwich-salad combos have been lowered to $8

The PLT cold sandwich is $7. All sandwiches are $7-9 – very competitive with just about any other restaurant lunch option.

Pretty cool, huh? If all I have to do is ask, I’m going to start asking for a lot more. Let’s begin: I could really use a raise. And how about a new “Facetime” iPhone? And an iPad, while we’re at it, so I can take on Chris Cree in Words with Friends?

I’ll let you know when and if the good fortune keeps coming in. Until it does, go eat at Neo and make sure to let us know what you think.


  • wlc

    Its a good start, but as you mentioned before prices are still quite high compared to similar joints like Coal Vines and Campania. I’ve been twice; I really like the pie and I understand they use quality ingredients but for the size they are still overpriced, in my opinion. It’s my understanding these places have free rent for quite a while. Why not slash food prices, get people in the door and make it all up on liquor sales? Neo has been reasonably crowded for the past few nights but I really think they might have to cut again to keep people coming back. Naga was pretty full for a while and now looks barren most nights.

  • s

    …slashing prices in one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in Dallas…wonder if the same could happen at Cafe Pacific?…

  • Ellen

    After your first post my boyfriend and I headed to Dallas to try it out. We were very happy. We had 1 1/2 each of the frozen lemoncella (sp?) martini’s and a pizza and salad. I thought the price was a little high (but since I wasn’t paying…)! It was great. Not crowded at all on a Saturday night in the restaurant part. Maybe another cut would help:)