TwitterGate: Rick Bayless Cooking at The White House. Did He Tweet From Inside?

I know, Rick Bayless is not from Dallas and the White House is in Washington. However, I used to live with his brother and have been friends with Rick and his wife Deann for almost 30 years. I also follow Rick on Twitter. If you are one of the 49,285 people who follow Rick you are aware of his chronic Twitter-it is—he tweets like a hundred times a day (4,450 total tweets). (Interesting that his brother, with 58,367 followers (3,776 total tweets), does the same.

Anywhoo, Rick is at the White House tonight cooking for a state dinner honoring Mexican President Felipe Calderon. When Rick showed up to look at the White House kitchen and talk about supplies, he tweeted about his experience which led some people to wonder why they lifted the media ban at the WH for Rick Bayless. Last night Rick, whose gentle personality is the opposite of his brother, lashed out at Chicago Sun Times writer Lynn Sweet who wrote:

While the White House press operation is trying to downplay the glamour aspect of the Wednesday State Dinner honoring Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala and limit coverage, guest chef Rick Bayless, the Chicago cooking superstar, is so big the White House cannot muzzle him and force him into the background.

Today, Sweet “updated” her report and apologized. Rick has not tweeted for 10 hours. He must be busy.


  • sick to stomach

    You lived with Skip? The same Skip Dallas ran out of town on a rail and asked never to step foot in this state again? And you admit to it? More so, would HE admit to living with YOU? Was this in rehab?

  • Krystal

    Is this for real? Either way it’s funny. Why are people so fucking mean? That last comment is not funny.

  • Twinwillow

    And all this is important for us to know because………..?

  • sick to stomach

    Because nichols is self indulgant and self important

  • KR

    If the goverment is in such a deficit why does the White House have fly a chef in for the dinner. Isn’t that what the White House Chef is hired to do. That said Bayless is a great chef.