Tristan Simon and Julian Barsotti Team Up for New Italian Deli Concept: SimonBarsotti in Dallas

Cover boy Julian Barsotti.

Tristan (Consilient Restaurants) Simon and Julian (Nonna) Barsotti have formed a partnership and will open SimonBarsotti, a “modern interpretation of an Italian deli.”  SimonBarsotti will focus will be on artisan sandwiches (hot and cold) made panini-style or in a wood fire oven. They will be open for breakfast, lunch, and “drive home” which translates into 7:00 AM to 7:00PM daily. The 5,300 square foot restaurant, with a seating capacity of 120, will be located in the old Potter metal works building on Willis and the service road to N. Central.

The talents of Barsotti, execuchef at Nonna, will be showcased thusly: six to seven types of bread baked daily, fresh pastas, house-cured meats, and house-made cheeses. SimonBarsotti will also sell affordable “Italian and Mediterranean wines” and have a small take out component. Each day they will offer eight to ten items that will that “change in a seasonably minded manner” to pick up on your drive home.

Currently the restaurant is in “design phase” and Barsotti and Simon hope to have the restaurant ready in October. “But we aren’t going to open until January,” says Simon. “Jules wants a couple of months to get in there and work with curing meat and making cheese and bread.”


  • Twinwillow

    I’ll look forward to their opening. It should be great foe me as I live in the neighborhood.

  • Allen Shank

    Can’t wait. Sounds like a brilliant concept.

  • Ent

    Yeah, that’s great news. Except for Jimmy’s.

  • linus

    search “simon barsinister”

  • Scagnetti

    Sounds like it won’t be the least bit expensive and Jimmy’s will have nothing to fear from these guys.

  • Marian

    More great news discovered by Sidedish! Has the Dallas Yesterday’s News ever broken a story?

  • Twinwillow

    @Marion: LOL!

  • Please do an Italian Roast Pork Sandwich like DiNic’s in Philadelphia!!

  • Kale Stew

    Nancy is kicking ass and taking names.

  • s

    kewl!! and to bring up the bees knees, you go NN!!!

  • Worzel Gummidge

    I heard they were taking over the old cafe pacific space at HPV.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    If you are taking suggestions, i’d like a porchetta sandwich along the lines of Salumi in Seattle

  • I want that now!

  • Brandy

    hecks yes!!! go Jules!!!