Quick Look: Meddlesome Moth and Scissor-tails and Cocktails in Dallas

$1,250 worth of quarters make up the backsplash at the Meddlesome Moth.

Last night I attended a fundraiser at the Trinity River Audubon Center—the report is here. Before I hit the trails of the fabulous nature trails, I hit the bar at the Meddlesome Moth for a quick taste of the restaurant’ cask-conditioned ale. Holy mother of the beer gods, this unfiltered, unpasteurized ale with live yeast jumps around your mouth like an out of control frat party. Full disclosure: I’ve know owner Shannon Wynne for almost 100 years and he gave me a quick tour last night. The place was hopping. Last week, Timmy did a nice write-up on the place, but I did learn one cool fact last night. The backsplash of the bar is $1,250 worth of quarters. What’s behind it? The picture below.

Back Story: Shannon Wynne behind the backsplash.


  • Steven Doyle

    Thought I saw you. It was freaky busy with the packed house party from the neighborhood, but we up ended closing the place. The oak cask you refer to is the Arrogant Bastard and I enjoyed several myself. There should still be a bit left for those wishing to try it today.

    Working my way through the menu has been a labor of love.

  • Steven Doyle

    And I like the Fast and Cool reference. I played there MANY nights.

  • air

    I was sitting with Steve yesterday and there are numerous good dishes to try indeed, can’t seem to pull away from those sweetbreads mmm.

    And also worth noting that Arrogant Bastard cask is the oak aged one, really like sweet toffee notes playing nice with hops. Looking forward to the other firkins hiding in the back. I’m gonna be hanging out here a lot.

  • Darren

    Not a regular-beer drinker, but like to try the more “artisian” beers. Will have to stop by MM and check it out!

  • luniz

    yea I’m definitely looking forward to checking this place out during the week or sometime that it’s hopefully not crowded.

  • Scott Doyle

    Concur luniz, any word on drink specials during the week?

    And who is this…Steven Doyle?

  • Wm. B. Travis

    This place is awesome!

  • Cracker

    Note to self: I wish Dad had oil money so I could open a joint.

  • The total amount $ of Quarters is actually $ 1,156.00. I know, I bought em and made the tap wall.