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Quick Look: Meddlesome Moth and Scissor-tails and Cocktails in Dallas

$1,250 worth of quarters make up the backsplash at the Meddlesome Moth.

Last night I attended a fundraiser at the Trinity River Audubon Center—the report is here. Before I hit the trails of the fabulous nature trails, I hit the bar at the Meddlesome Moth for a quick taste of the restaurant’ cask-conditioned ale. Holy mother of the beer gods, this unfiltered, unpasteurized ale with live yeast jumps around your mouth like an out of control frat party. Full disclosure: I’ve know owner Shannon Wynne for almost 100 years and he gave me a quick tour last night. The place was hopping. Last week, Timmy did a nice write-up on the place, but I did learn one cool fact last night. The backsplash of the bar is $1,250 worth of quarters. What’s behind it? The picture below.

Back Story: Shannon Wynne behind the backsplash.