Paciugo Introduces New Flavors

I’m a bit late to the Paciugo flavors party, but I’m here now. Last Friday, Paciugo unveiled chocolate chipotle butter pecan, the first of four new flavor combinations.  Here is the schedule for flavors to come:

Week 2 (May 7):     Roasted Banana Cashew Heath Crunch
Week 3 (May 14):   Durian
Week 4 (May 21):   Organic Maple Caramelized Bacon

Jump for detailed descriptions of each new gelato. Durian? I’ve had several experiences with durian. That’s gonna be a tough sell.

Chocolate Chipotle Butter Pecan – offers a deliciously smooth and intense flavor that is smoky, creamy and crunchy, buttery and spicy. Made with extra brute chocolate from Belgium, a smoke-dried jalapeño pepper combines with a light spread of pecans that are buttered and toasted until crisp to perfect the flavor concoction.

Roasted Banana Cashew Heath Crunch – an Italian twist on an ice cream classic! The ripe bananas are first roasted with brown sugar to create a silky smooth texture and intense flavor as it blends with gelato to create the right degree of extravagant sweetness. Buttery cashew pieces are lightly toasted to add a salty taste while chewy chunks of Heath bar create a combination guaranteed to make you want more.

Durian – known in Southeast Asia as the “King of Fruits,” Durian pulp has the consistency of an avocado which creates gelato with a buttery, custard like texture. With a beautiful, golden yellow color and an equally unique smell, it’s no wonder toasted coconut was chosen as a complement to Durian Gelato. The crunchiness of the toasted coconut and the sweet aroma contrast pleasantly with the silky texture.

Organic Maple Caramelized Bacon – an interpretation of the Maple Bacon Crunch ice cream that took home the “Best in Class” award, chosen for its bold flavor and dark color. The maple syrup creates a heightened natural contrast of sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy when paired with caramelized bacon. Overall, a delicious treat.


  • DGirl

    These are wacky.

    I’ll try the Chocolate Chipotle Butter Pecan but will pass on the rest.

  • “#”

    You may be “late” but you’re exactly 14 minutes earlier than the folks at Eats. What a weird coincidence that they would post an item exactly 14 minutes after SideDish.

  • DGirl

    Tasted the Chocolate Chipotle Butter Pecan tonight. Strong chocolate flavor, not too sweet. Barely tasted the butter pecan and the chipotle was imperceptible until the finish, then it presented a nice kick. It wasn’t hideous but I’ll never order it again.

  • Steven Doyle

    Ginatta is a beautiful soul and delightful to speak with. Love that crazy, yummy accent. I have seen her at dozens of charitable events this season, and she is always there scooping up what’s new (try her bon bons).

    Spoke with and caught some great photographs of her at the Chef’s on Fire event at Abacus last Sunday as she donated gallons and gallons of her product for the cause (burn unit at Parkland).