Neo Pizza Napoletana by Olivella’s to Open in Victory Park in Dallas

Yow. Zah. I forgot about Victory Park. Now comes word that Charlie Green, the pizza dude behind Olivella’s, is opening a ginormous new restaurant called Neo Pizza Napoletana by Olivella’s in Victory Park. The charming PR person tells me the restaurant will be “nearly triple-the-size location and [have] new menu items.”  She goes on to say, “Charlie is banking on Neo Pizza helping breathe life into the district that’s been working to revamp its former super-affluent image. (Neo Pizza’s individual gourmet pizzas start at $7, salads start at $6 and sandwiches at $8.)”  I wish they’d put in a fabulous bowling alley at Victory Park. How fun would that be?


  • DGirl

    Pizza is the new hot food trend. It must be. All these pizza places popping up (Fireside, Olivella’s, Neo, Eno’s and Lombardi’s soon- to-be-pizza place in the old Chips location) and last week I ate at Keith McNally’s newish pizza place, Pulino’s, in lower Manhattan. The place was PACKED. It starts there and migrates here.

  • iroguy

    Olivella’s has been open in it’s Highland Park location for sometime. It’s small and cozy with awesome pizza. I am looking forward to a victory park location. Now I just have to get my wife to go downtown.

  • Congrats to Charlie! Olivella’s is great and I know he has some cool stuff planned for the new spot!

  • Brandy

    iroguy… you mean University Park?

    Can’t wait for them to be close to Design District! Come on Charlie!

  • James

    I went to Naga Thai on Saturday and walked across the street to check out the construction… This place is looking good- and lots of cool exterior signage. This appears to be the type of place Victory should have attracted to begin with. And on a side note, if you haven’t been to Naga Thai go ASAP. It’s awesome!!!

  • macpad

    Nice to see Jay give praise to fellow pizza owners. I love Olivella’s too but since Jay’s Cane Rosso opened in Preston Hollow – I have no need to venture out of the hood for damn good pizza. Cane Rosso is by far my favorite..

  • Wm. B. Travis

    “Banking” on it? Nothing in Victory is “banking” . . . not even the ATM!

  • Jack

    Olivella’s, Neo, whatever the name, if Charlie is baking his thin Napoletana pizza, with his imported sweet tomato sauces, it warrants going anywhere for it! Count me in…