More Details on First In-N-Out Burger in Dallas

Meet my newest best friend, Nancy Luna. She is the Fast Food Maven for the Orange County Register. She learned about the first In-N-Out location in Texas right here on SideDish. She speaks:

I’ve been waiting more than a year, I think, for them to confirm Texas plans.Great scoop. I talked to the chain today. Here’s my story if you want to link up. I talk about them having to build a new meat plant.

Obviously she’s tight with Carl Van Fleet, vice president of planning and development at In-N-Out, cuz she gets him to spill some details on quality control, a major part of the chain’s success. Currently the chain supplies 240 locations with one beef processing plant. They also control their bread and produce.

When I interviewed Maxwell Fisher, the city of Garland employee who worked with the developer of the soon-to-open In-N-Out Burger at Firewheel Town Center in Garland, I asked him if he’d heard any plans about the company building a commissary  in the area. When I explained to him that In-N-Out bakes their own bread, grows their own produce, and supplies their own “never frozen” meat he replied, “Hey, I thought this was just a burger joint.”

Lord, even the losers get lucky sometimes. Anywhoo, say hello to the Fast Food Maven.

UPDATE: Patty production details of In-N-Out.


  • Twinwillow

    You just beat me to it, Nancy. I was just about to post that I saw the link to ONO’s plans for a meat patty plant in Dallas over at
    Apparently, this plant will allow them to open many stores in a 500 mile radius of Dallas.

  • Twinwillow

    Sorry, (INO’s)

  • George

    Having lived in CA for a number of years, I can say that In & Out makes the best Burger & Fries
    in the whole US of A. When the one opens in
    Garland I will drive from my home in Goliad (about 470 miles) to take my whole family for burgers. They are that good!! Seriously,George

  • Kirk


    Why is everyone giving you credit for this scoop?
    Anyone who reads Eats knows that “Since Garland City Councilman Douglas Athas blogged on Monday that the Garland City Council approved the request for an In-N-Out Burger outlet near Firewheel Town Center on Sunday night, it seems it’s all anyone in Dallas can talk about.”

    Likewise, if it hadn’t been for Nancy Luna talking to you first, everyone would have learned from her (maybe by reading the OC Register) that there was a meat plant and commissary afoot.

  • kirk, why does it matter? is that important?

  • Krystal

    Gosh Kirk how can you be so mean. No matter it is good news and it looks like more people are talking about it here.

  • kYle

    I don’t know bout’ ya’ll, but my burger pants are going crazy at the thought of eating a burger fresh from the patty production facility.

  • Kirk

    El Smokeador:

    It matters only in the world that was formerly known as journalism. A reporter who scores the “scoop” is generally credited with it, even by competitors.

    This piece — — assiduously avoids any mention of Nancy’s scoop. In fact, it tries to take credit for the background and “news analysis” that led up to the news “going viral.”

    To diminish the involvement of first-to-publish reporter (in this case Nancy Nichols) in breaking the news is considered bad form at best and reflective of a publication’s deep-seated insecurities and/or dysfunctions at worst.

    Is it a world-changing event? No.

  • Steven F

    I’m a huge burger fan. Had IOB about 5 years ago wasn’t impressed and gave it another try last year, still not impressed. But as an operation and it’s employee morale and attitude it’s very impressive! I think Kellers makes a much better burger in the fast food catagory

  • Burgerette

    More Nancy. We want more INO news. Save me from moving to Garland.

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  • jennifer love

    i am from san bernardino, ca. when i would come and visit my family in texas. i would aiways have to bring IN n OUT with me. i couldn t understand why? But when I move to texas i understood why. there is no and I mean no burger in the state of texas that will bet IN N OUT BURGERS. I am so tried of the burger joints here. OMG O C Burgers say that they are like IN n OUT. I told them they have a long long long long long ways to go. I guess i will personaly bring them a real burger, so they can understand what a burgers should look and smell like. so to all that love a good burger you must go to IN n OUT ASAP. Me and I my family here in texas wil be there on opening day and so on, so on, so on, so on. I was going to drive to California this summer to have a IN n OUT burger with my big bro, But look like he needs to come to texas. Now i might say I am a Texan since in n out is comming. But I just can’t I all was will be a Cali Girly. But i am so so I HAVe TRUE CALIFORNIA BURGER CLOSE TO MY NEW HOME IN TEXAS

  • I am from Southern CA and have lived here in Dallas for four years now and are moving back in July and Like Jennifer said their is NOTHING like In-n-Out.

  • Shanna

    Why do all these California transpants have the worst grammar and spelling? Governator?

  • Twinwillow

    @Shanna: You must realize, English is the “second” language in California. One guess as to what’s the first.

  • Janey

    I’m also from California and like many others, I think that In-N-Out is not bad, but certainly not the best. It’s definitely one of the better chain places, though. But I think that Steak & Shake would clean house in California. I just hope that more of that awful state don’t move here. I moved to get away from California and Californians, not have it all follow me. :/

  • Colin

    I’m in absolute heavenly bliss!