Looking for Sourdough in All The Wrong Places

A smoochable sourdough starter.

One of the funniest posts that ever ran on the D Magazine website has sadly disappeared into Internet outer space. It was a true story about a baker in a well-know Dallas restaurant. The baker was fired. My memory is sketchy, but it seems the baker was not only fired, he was locked out of the restaurant and not allowed back in to pick up his starters. The baker called the police. Scuffle! Bam! Bang!

Now, most of you know that a starter is very important to a baker of bread. To some, they are like pets. Or lovers. Or plants. Once fermented, a starter, the base and leavener for some bread recipes, can be kept alive for many years by adding equal parts of flour and water to the original blob. (Men should be so easy.)

So, when the police arrived at the scene of the battle for the bread starters, the cops couldn’t understand why the starters belonged to the baker and not the restaurant. (The baker had been “carrying around” the original for years.)

Anywhoo, another big time Dallas chef is not too happy with the sourdough bread in Dallas. He is looking for a supplier. I suggested he move to San Francisco. (Not really.) I told him about the baker with the starters. He’s still around. And he probably read this story today!