It’s Teresa Gubbins Day on SideDish: Share the Love

Teresa Gubbins works hard for the money.

I was laid up in bed for a couple of days and caught up on the local food blogs. Where did they all come from? More importantly, how do so many people have so much time to run one? Most food writers at major publications (Hi, Leslie! Hi, Kimmie!), contribute to their pub’s respective food blogs, but it is considered a second (or third) job. We could all just toss up press releases and hit the bar at 5 (4)  like the boys on FrontBurner, but as food journalists, we choose to devote time to the web side of our print product.  SideDish, to me, is an untamable, free-range animal that needs to be fed constantly. Sometimes you can’t get away with tossing out a bag of feed somebody donated, you have to go out and shop for something special and unique. The public is picky about what they read (eat).

Pegasus News is a little different than Eatsblog and SideDish. PegNews is a news site, not a blog. Their Grand Dame of Dining, Teresa Gubbins, spends a lot of time digging for stories and going to dining events. PegNews is sorta her full-time job.

Anywhoo, TG, who also contributes to D Magazine, reported a story last week and I am stunned that nobody else picked it up. Old Gumshoe, I mean TG, uncovered this little tidbit: Tiffany Derry, chef at Go Fish in North Dallas, has made the cut as a contestant for the 7th season of Top Chef. There was no official press release or “snitches” involved, she just dug it up like a big fat ripe carrot. She also attended, reported, and photographed Sunday night’s Taste of the Nation. And Teresa, with due respect to Pat Sharpe,  is SideDish’s original Skinny Bitch.  (Cue: say something about Teresa below.)

If you are still with me, let’s discuss Top Chef. We loved TC when Casey and Tre were on and we certainly had opinions about Lisa Garza when she appeared on Next Food Network Star, but I’m wondering if Top Chef has lost its luster. Nothing against chef Derry, but do we have TC fatigue?

Okay, tune in next week for Leslie Brenner Day on SideDish. Jump for an exclusive Q&A with Teresa Gubbins.

SideDish exclusive interview with Teresa Gubbins.

NN: Where were you born?

TG: Lawrence, Mass.

NN: Where have you worked?

TG: Since moving to Dallas: Mansion on Turtle Creek, Café Society, Buffalo Club, Dallas Morning News, Pegasus News. Before that, I read scripts for a talent agency in Los Angeles, and my first career was as a writer during the high-tech boom in the 80s.

NN: What is your favorite restaurant in Dallas? In the world?

TG: I like pizza and so I like Fireside Pies. It changed our idea of pizza in Dallas. My neighborhood pizzeria is Russo’s Coal-Fired in Richardson.

Fave restaurant in the world was Rex Il Ristorante in Los Angeles. It’s closed. But we have a touch of Rex here at Daniele Osteria in Dallas – chef-owner Daniele Puleo worked at Rex.

NN: What question do you hate to be asked the most?

TG: What’s your favorite restaurant?

NN: Are you a cat person or a dog person?


NN: Do you mow your own lawn?

TG: Yes, with an old-school push mower.

NN: Did you ever cook in a restaurant?

TG: Yes.

NN: Tell me something that you don’t want anyone to know about you.

TG: I’m an annoying pain in the ass when it comes to recycling and waste.