In-N-Out Burger Comes to Dallas: Details Developing

I reached Maxwell Fisher, the city of Garland employee who worked with the developer of the soon-to-open In-N-Out Burger at Firewheel Town Center in Garland. When he answered his phone, I asked him if he was  at the prospect of working on such a grand project. “Aren’t you excited?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’m kind of a food snob,” he says. “I’ll probably be disappointed. But, we’ll see.”

Fisher said the city has been working has been working with the developer for “some time. At least since February or January.” The plans were approved by the Garland City Council on Tuesday, May 18. The In-N-Out will be on the southeast corner of Town Center Blvd. and Lavon Drive. And according to Fisher’s best guess they will begin moving dirt this summer. When I asked if there were other locations planned for Garland he said, “No not here but they plan to add about 5 more to the area.”

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  • burgerfan

    hearing rumors theyre looking at closed down Krispy Kremes.

  • Won’t happen, every location ever built is EXACTLY the same in every detail, and built from the dirt, up.

  • ella


  • Twinwillow

    Keep ella out of of Dallas!

  • Can you ask him if they’re going to build in Houston soon?

  • What? This is the greatest news ever! ella and isaywhateveryo must be franchise owners of other burger joints because In N Out is awesome!

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  • Anne

    I’m totally excited about this news!! They blow away any Texas burger joint like that sucky Whataburger. Bring them on.

  • this is the best news ever.. In-N-Out exceeds any burger in texas..hands down. Matter of fact, when i travel to the west coast, i plan around where there’s an in-n-out. they’re THAT good. although, DFW sucks when it comes to east/west coast staples, like Krispy Kreme, Carvel, and Nathan’s, just to name a few. All have prospered for decades elsewhere, but Dallas just has no taste..they’ve proven it time after time. Whatabooger? seriously? meh…

  • Adrienne Hardee

    Bring it to Fort Worth!!
    It is about time!!

  • BigCee

    Yeah i’ll have to disagree with you Anne and plastic macca…..Kincaids of Fort Worth is the best when it comes to burgers….sorry!!! But i may have to change my mind now that I have found a new place called Ted E’s burgers….mmmmm….So yeah, Kincaids has been around longer and all In-N-Out reminds me of is a glorified McDonalds… Happy eating 🙂

  • Ayla

    In n Out is also coming to denton!

  • bringingsachseback

    the whole area around firewheel towncenter is a hell hole.

  • gina

    HURRAY!!!! I am a CA transplant – soon as I get off the plane at LAX I get one and I have them all the way up to the ride back to the airport!!! To say I’m excited is putting it mildly!!!

  • bigfaninDallas

    Please keep in mind that In-N-Out is a FAST FOOD burger…however, it is the best fast foos burger on the planet. Can’t wait for it to get here, just wish it was closer to Flower Mound.

  • Evie

    OMG in my wildest dreams, but how are they getting that super frsh Ca. lettuce?

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  • bob

    I’ve been away from California for 5 years and always wonder why there were no in-n-out burgers here.

    I’m drooling just reading this article!!!!

  • Twinwillow

    The more I think about it, the more I dream about having my first double, double, protein with onions in about 3 years.

  • cantwait4innout

    Finally!! Every year we go to S. Cali we always put it in our route to go by one of the many in’n outs.

  • Jack

    Any Texan who talks down upon Whataburger is committing treason.

  • Julie

    I’m so excited, In-N-Out is the best burger I’ve ever had. Whataburger is like mincemeat compared to In-N-Out. For one you Texas don’t know about a good red meat burger.

  • 5GuysnInNOut

    Jack @ May 24th, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    “Any Texan who talks down upon Whataburger is committing treason.”

    Even though it sucks?

  • Roger

    Even though a burger better than anyone’s can be made with ground beef, salt, pepper, cheese, and grilled onions in a cast iron skillet taking a total of 10 minutes

  • Mike B

    WooHOO! Having moved from LA to Dallas many years ago..the only thing I missed was In-N-Out Burger! Now there’s no disputing Texas is truely paradise! They’re going to print money here.

  • Sam007

    I’ve been to Cali and i did go to In-n-out , i loved it , it was really delicious , can’t till i have one here is Garland .:) Double double Animal style , Yummmm

  • Twinwillow

    Jack-Get a grip on yourself! What the hell is so great about Whatabooger? Have you ever eaten a double, double animal style?

  • Mary

    I am recent CA transplant. Went to Whataburger hoping it would rival In N Out – what a disappointment. I will definitely be there on their opening day.

  • That’s quite exciting, great food and I love their car posters also.

  • LCClower

    Welcome the competition, In-n-Out Burger sells a bitchin’ burger (surfer slang for excellent) and the rest of the burger-flippers will bring up their quality or be converted to taquerias.

  • svancoyoc

    Double Double Animial style in Dallas…..this is just greatness!

  • Cali cali

    Why would they be building one of the best burger joints in one if the worst cities in Texas? Dallas will trash in n out and ruin it for everyone… The standards will drop immediatly. In-n-out belongs in Austin if it belongs in Texas… At all.

  • texag

    Hype, hype, hype, just like Krispy Kreme. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good burger but Five Guys is a much better burger IMHO. Oh, I am not sure why there are so many Whataburgers if it sucks so bad.

  • Rome

    You’re right Cali Cali!! The standards will drop and taint the corporation…I’d say this is a gamble.

  • Mark


    In-N-Out fanboys will continue to make fools of themselves.

    When the stores open, the media frenzy and drive-thru lines will rival the Krispy Kreme opening(s) of about a decade ago.

    Unlike Krispy Kreme, In-N-Out won’t flame out in DFW. There are regional differences in tastes when it comes to burgers, just like for barbecue or Mexican food, so we’re not likely to see 50 locations in North Texas anytime soon, but I’d be really surprised if In-N-Out is not successful here.


    Their product isn’t so good that you should hyperventilate in anticipation–note that In-N-Out hasn’t caused Texans forced to move to Cali to forget Whataburger–but if you go in with reasonable expectations you’ll probably come away happy.

  • Outstanding, can’t wait! having at one time lived in Ca I grew quite fond of In N Out, no they are not a Whataburger nor are they a blake’s lottaburger but they are In n Out burger and though different, they are every bit as yummy.
    I’ll take a double double w/ grilled onions and fresh cut fries please.

  • PJH

    Fisrt: Mark is a Geek. Second: whoooo hoooo In-N-Out and Del Taco are comming now all I need is a Trader Joes!!!!!!!

  • I’m with Mark… In-N-Out is good but lets tap the breaks with all of the hallelujahs.

    I would like to know why the company/family has now started to expand the business to Texas? Their position used to be that in order to keep the quality up they would never franchise and expand in a slow nature. Why have they changed their strategy…

    Can’t wait for my first Double Double…

  • Scagnetti

    In-N-Out beats the crap out of a Whataturd.

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  • SoCalGirlinTX

    OMG I am so glad In N Out is finally coming to North Texas. I moved here from SoCal six years ago, and have missed it terribly. Now if they could just get El Pollo Loco to come here too, life would be perfect!!!

  • A

    Garland…REALLY??? In-N-Out, you could have done so much better.

  • Alberto

    My prayers have been answered!….i have told many texans that when i was living in cali there is these burgers that are deliciouse …they told me that whataburger were really good…i tried them and its like eating poop if you put them next to the In N Outs 3×3 extra cheese grilled union animal style fries here they come!…but i do have to say Mooyah’s burgers are pretty good but they just come short of loosing to In N Outs mmmmmmmm! 😛

  • Lizzy

    I’m a native Texan who lived in Southern California for about 10 years and am now back in Texas. Sorry Whataburger fans, the whataburger doesn’t even come close to an In & Out Burger. I grew up eating Whataburgers & thinking they were good– now I can hardly stand one. (First of all, their mustard is disgusting!!) The article referenced Five Guys in Southlake. I’ve eaten there a few times & they make a good burger, but it’s greasy & the bun tends to fall apart. I like them, but again, In & Out beats them hands down. Some people may think it’s a “glorified McDonald’s” and the building itself probably is– but the burger stands on its own. Fresh meat patties made right there in the store (none of the frozen in 20# stacks stuff), fresh produce sliced right in front of you, and the french fries can’t be beat. Potatoes are peeled & sliced right there, and fried up fresh & not oily. I hope they build an In & Out in the mid-cities area– or better yet, maybe in Grapevine or Southlake. (They’d make a mint in Southlake with all the California transplants living there.)

  • Rome

    Right on! Who’d wanna pay $10 for a meal at J****y B’s?

  • Senor

    One thing is obvious from reading the comments here and on the original post, there are way too many people from California living here.

  • Guidoc

    Burgers are good, but the fries suck.
    They use the 1000 island dressing on the burgers…yuck.
    But, give me a big, wide thin patty of whataburger with mustard…hmm, that’s good.
    I think Whataburger steps up the game and goes after them. In-n-out will never be a huge chain in Texas, because even in California it does not have a market presence of Whataburger.

  • Frenchy

    Hey, Senor. Why don’t you move to California to help even things out.

  • Frenchy

    I’ve never seen a line out the door or 30 cars in the drive thru at a Whatabooger! Market presence or, customer base.
    What do you think is more important for the “bottom line”?

  • PJH

    Everything is gross & froozen at whataberger: The meat, the onions, the fries and even the emploies. Id starve before I ate there and compairing them to IN-N-Out is like compairing a Ferrie to a pinto!!!!

  • venusflytrap

    Man, there are are lot of InNOut fans here in N Tx. Well let me a little twist on the whole thing. I’m from Illinois where there are too many Great Burger joints to even talk about. I moved to TX about 14yrs ago and I really liked Whataburger. Then I went to Phoenix and tasted InNOut and fell in love.. Now the closest I have tasted to it is Mooyah burgers… But the ambience at InNOut is so much better…

  • Senor

    No, thank you, Frenchy. They don’t like my kind out there.

  • In-N-Out would do better in Ft. Worth. perhaps they don’t know how many In-N-Out fans there are in Cowtown. most or all of my friends are at least. unless they are unable to compete with Kinkaid’s.

  • Mark


    You got that right.

    Back in the 80’s about half of metro Detroit moved to DFW. It took several years for it to sink in that nobody gave a flying crap how they did things in Michigan.

    Seattle had the same problem with the California expats in the 90s.

    In-N-Out coming to DFW is a good thing, but you have to wonder if these people think DFW is such a hellhole, why are they here?

  • Phil

    @BigCee: Right there with you on Ted E’s! I’ve had a number of items on the menu and they’re all really good. I just LOVE the Jalapeno Fire bite and the burgers! Hopefully, they can open up another location in the Grapevine/Southlake area soon.

  • James

    I’m so glad In-N-Out is coming to Dallas. Now all of Dallas can try and go “what the hell is all the hype about? Meh, Meh, Double Meh”….

  • Claire

    Where the heck is Garland? I mean, bring it to Dallas proper!

  • M

    i’m hyped…two double doubles with cheese animal style…with fries animal style as well please!

    it’s funny some of these people hating on it…less time in line for me so all good there.

    my new Dallas fast food burger rankings once it opens;
    1. In-N-Out
    2. Smashburger
    3. Five Guys
    4. Keller’s
    5. Whataburger

  • Krystal

    OMG I hope in n out comes to tx I have lived here 5 years now and miss it after living 18 years in cali and so does this mean that a chance of in n out coming other places in tx like austin after a while. I so hope so because I am sorry I have had whataburger once in the 5 years i have been here. I took one bit and spit it out. NASTY. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IN N OUT…

  • Westside Burgerhunter

    In-N-Out is the BEST burger period. The fresh meat, the awesome fries, the flavor…you so called Texans will soon learn!
    Ohh..and yes, I’m a Cali Transplant too!!!
    18 years worth of What’s-that-no-flavor-booger!! YUUUCCKK!!!

  • Shut up

    Can you people get a life? Jesus Christ.

  • neesie

    BRING IN & OUT TO TENNESSEE!!! Best burgers & shakes in the country!!

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  • mikenfrisco

    Californians always say their restaurants back in Cali are better than anything Texas has to offer. Of course, most that do the boasting live in Texas ironically.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    I’ve lived in both Cali and here and would agree that In N Out is much, much better than Whataburger. They do a great job with their burgers…it’s all they do. No hotdogs, chicken fingers, etc., just burgers. That said, they don’t have many options on their burger and I think their french fries are pretty mediocre. Since 5 Guys (Galleria location and a few others) have moved into town, I’d rate them much higher than In N Out.

  • Joe

    In-N-Out is a damn good burger, BUT, it’s a damn good burger for the price. A Double-Double is $3, and you can’t get a better burger for that price, or even for $4. But once you start getting to the $6 range and up, of course you can find better burger.

  • Greta

    I’m sooooo excited that in n out is soon 2 be here n Dallas!! I just can’t wait, their burgers and fries are d best in the west but now it’s gonna be in central..

  • Taylor

    Hope it will be good like fuddruckers

  • scootersteve

    I’ve never eaten at an in and out before but I think whataburger is the worst hamberger chain in texas their buns are alway too hard I don’t know if thier stale or just made that way but thier terrible burger king is better can’t wait to try an en and out burger