Hot Links in Dallas

Blood sausage.

Over on Eatsblog, Christopher Wynn scoops the foodie world with deets on Vijay Sadhu’s latest venture. Love it.

Old Gumshoe Gubbins over at PegNews has a nice story about the new restaurant going into the old Lola space.

This week, I ate three types of casseroles. Over on Eatsblog, Leslie Brenner makes one. Delicious.

Kim finds (and is) a peach.

Dallas Dude battles with biryani.

Is this a great food town or what!


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    Oh are we in casserole season?! I wish she had given directions for the one with the Campbells chicken-and-mushroom soup. So easy and so good!

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    But zat iz no casserole…zat is a tian!