First In-N-Out Burger in Dallas is Approved for Garland Texas!!

Double-double animal style coming to Garland Texas. (photo by Nancy Nichols)

It’s semi-official. Looks like In-N-Out is coming to the Dallas area. According to the City of Garland website, the Planning Commission approved Jim Powell’s plans for the first In-N-Out in Texas. UPDATE: The burger joint will be located in Firewheel Town Center! (The motion carried:  7 Ayes, 0 Nays. H/T SK)

The report says:

Consideration of the application of GR LRE LLC, requesting approval of 1) an amendment of the Concept Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through and Retail/Personal Service Uses on property zoned Planned Development (PD) District 02-25 for Freeway Uses, and 2) a Detail Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through. The property is located east of Lavon Drive, south of Town Center Boulevard.  (File 10-06)

The first speaker representing the applicant was Jim Powell, Project Architect, 14110 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, 76248.
Jump for joy and the details!
He went over the Concept Plan showing both the old plan and the proposed Concept Plan.  The previously undisclosed restaurant is for an In-N-Out Burger.  This will be their first location in Texas.  Current locations are in California, Arizona and Nevada.  The Detail Plan for the Restaurant with Drive Through was presented outlining the site, landscape and exterior elevation plans.  The plans include excess parking and landscaping to accommodate the proposed site plan and their previous experience at their other restaurants.

Staff recommends a redesign of the patio area to provide more distance from the drive through.  They have added a large amount of landscaping between the patio and the drive through and feel that will minimize the need to move the patio.  To accommodate the necessary parking and length of the required stacking for one of their restaurants, the patio works best where it is.

Mark Jon Noack, Project Manager for In-N-Out Burger, 13502 Hamburger Lane, Baldwin Park, Ca. was also available for questions and to address some of the concerns regarding the patio.

Linda Giddens, representing Horton Assets, 7612 Applecross Lane, Richardson, Tx. had several questions.  Horton Assets owns property across from the proposed site.  She asked about the berm along Lavon and whether it would remain.  She also asked how this development would affect the sight line to Pei Wei, Dillards, etc. Would the other building shown in the Concept Plan be built now or will they come back with an additional Detail Plan for that part of the site?  Is the entrance across from Horton Way and if so how will the run off affect the property to the North?  She also inquired about proposed building height and materials, and installation of parking.

Jim Powell came back up to address Ms. Giddens questions.

Motion was made by Commissioner Luckie, seconded by Commissioner Moore to approve the request for an amended Concept Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through and Retail/Personal Service Uses and a Detail Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through as recommended by staff with the exception that the patio be allowed as presented by the applicant.  Motion carried:  7 Ayes, 0 Nays.

Consideration of the application of Raul Licea, requesting approval of a Specific Use Permit for Contractor Equipment and Storage on property zoned Commercial-2 (C-2) District. The property is located at 110 Second Street.  (File 10-10)