Fearing’s Restaurant in Dallas Unveils iPhone App

No they aren’t serving iPhones as appetizers, Fearing’s is offering an application for your iPhone.
Here’s the poop:

Featuring full text and imagery of the restaurant, the new application is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It also can be forwarded as a link to user contacts via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Exclusive content includes: Fearing’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus,Interactive menu faves, reservations, location and contact details, special offers, event updates, and local area information

To take Fearing’s along via iPhone, please visit this spot.

Now, let me ask you a question. Would you download an app for a restaurant? If so, why? If not, why? I guess I just don’t get the whole app deal. But I’m a geezer. Go.


  • Hey Nick

    greetings to all in big D from Cornwall! Follow us on Twitter.com/ blueplate4food

    Ted xx

  • Kirk

    The only thing interesting that I see in the description is the ability to make reservations at the restaurant. But there has been an OpenTable app available for a couple of years allowing that.


  • Texas Ted! Good to hear from you!!!

  • Kirk

    Ah, here’s one possible reason why they did it: It’s a product of a company called 99 apps http://www.99apps.com/

    Restaurant owners can get their own iPhone app for $99. It looks like that’s what Fearing’s did.

    Interesting model.

  • Kay

    Now wait one minute! On one hand you claim there are too many blue hairs at Nichola, then you say you are a geezer. What gives? I am 50 yr old woman, and always imagined you being older than me (I say 65 or more). So how old is a geezer, and when do you get labeled a blue hair? While we are at it, define the difference between MILF and cougar age wise. Oh do tell!

  • Pat McCann

    I’m a young geezer and I don’t see Apps as a useful consumer tool. But I do see them as a great money making venture.

    Why are technologists pushing the old school client/server model instead of the browser? What’s next? Clipper or COBOL for the closed source iPhone?

  • Kay, that’s a loaded question. I am 57. Pat brings up a good point. One can be a young geezer and an old geezer. I’m sure there are various levels in between. Cougars don’t have cubs, otherwise I think they can be the same age. When I was in Nicola’s I was young. When I come into D’s offices I am old. Any time I clash with technology I am a geezer.

  • JonnyDallas

    At first blush I think its overkill to have an App for your restaurant…

    But it would be kinda cool to be able to browse the menu and more significantly that particular nights specials/chefs menu from your iPad while you wait on your significant other to get ready.

    Certainly there would be some way to check the status of your reservation, and make changes if necessary.

    It seems all the Apps these days utilize the gps and compass that are built into iPhone/iPads, so a navigation/map/directions thingy might be useful to the out of town customer. Basically you could have your iPhone walk you to the restaurant.

    What about a way to communicate with the sommelier before arriving? “Please have a bottle of Dom put on ice, we’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

    I suppose a kitchen cam might not be popular with the line cooks, but it would be kinda easy to stick a camera up focused on the steam line. Imagine riding in the car on the way to the restaurant, watching pans being flipped about and things being poked and nudged on the grill. (Don’t do this while driving, Oprah will get mad at you.)

    And of course, there could be a way to place your order, right from your iPad. But, ehhh…that’s kinda weird.

    Then there’s marketability too, I suppose. If I were planning a trip to Dallas, and I could sorta poke and prod about the restaurant via iPad App for weeks before visiting the city, well, that restaurant has a leg up on the competition.

    I seems to me that we may well see a lot of the destination/big name joints developing Apps as a marketing tool more than anything else. I suspect we won’t be seeing Dairy-Ette or Kellers offering an App anytime soon, or at least I certainly hope not.

  • George

    @JonnyDallas wrote: “I suspect we won’t be seeing Dairy-Ette or Kellers offering an App anytime soon, or at least I certainly hope not.”

    No, no. That’s the place where an app makes the most sense. Fast-food places measure themselves by the seconds that they can get you through the line. Such an app could detect which fast food line I’m in (i.e., which one of their locations), provide me their current menu, allow me to order, pay and move to the front of the line. Plus, perhaps provide coupons, “rewards”, etc…