Event Review: Taste of Addison 2010

Kellyn Curtis has a lot of jobs around here. She is the assistant editor of D Home, D Weddings, and D Beauty. Last weekend she covered Taste of Addison 2010 for SideDish.

Is it just me, or was Taste Addison way more crowded than in years past? I went a few years ago and don’t remember it being nearly as packed. I spent the first half-hour wandering around trying to find an ATM (everything was cash-only) and then the next half-hour standing in line at said ATM (because apparently it was the only one that hadn’t run out of cash yet.) Piece of advice for those who plan to go next year: bring cash.

Jump for photos and recap of the fun.


Maybe it was overcrowded because I chose to go on Saturday night when the headlining band, Train, was set to play. Or maybe it was because people have simply figured out it’s a good deal. For those of you who missed out, it’s a three-day festival featuring over 60 of Addison’s 170 restaurants serving selections from their menus for less, plus live music, celeb chef demos, wine tastings, and carnival rides. And tickets were only 10 bucks a pop.

My first order of business: find something to drink. Margaritas from Blue Goose and Blue Mesa, frozen bellinis from Pastazio’s, and beer from the Londoner were just a few of my options. I ended up with a Blue Moon from Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub & Grill, which was served on tap from a cooler. I was a little skeptical of this serving method at first, but it tasted just fine to me.

Ziziki's on the lawn.

Unfortunately, the orange slice in my beer wasn’t enough to hold me over so I set out to find something a little more substantial. And I thought choosing a drink was hard. From barbeque and Chinese to Cajun and Mexican, just about every fare was represented. I finally settled on a gyro and stuffed grape leaves from Ziziki’s. It was similar the lamb souvlaki served in the restaurant – lamb served on a homemade pita topped with sweet red onions and Ziziki sauce – only half the size. The pita was so soft it basically melted in my mouth, and the lamb was tender. But what made the meal was the sauce. Hands-down the best Greek yogurt I’ve had.

No Rules: Cheese fries for dessert!

For dessert: Snuffer’s cheddar fries. (Don’t judge me. I couldn’t pass them up.) They had the perfect cheese-to-fry ratio, sprinkled with just the right amount of salt and pepper, and served with ranch dressing. One word: perfection.

And with that, I’ll be eating celery and attempting to burn off the excessive amount of calories I inhaled for the next week.


  • luniz

    lol if that’s excessive, I don’t know what you could call what I did. I ate 6 times that…brisket tacos (Manny’s Uptown), vegetable samosas (Clay Pit), grape leaves (Ziziki), Lamb stew (Yebeg Wat iirc) (Queen of Sheba), Thai iced coffee, Pig sandwich (Chamberlain’s)..that’s only what I remember.

  • Sander

    Can you help me understand why you thought it was a good deal? The cover charge only got you a couple of wine samples and the ability to listen to the bands. Everything else, including parking, cost extra. I didn’t see any discounts from the vendors either. Ice cream was going for $4 a scoop, for example.

  • eva

    Minus the fact I didn’t get to sample the bacon mac ‘n cheese it was about what I had expected. Crowded. Although I will say the food I sampled was quite tasty.

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