Chef Michael Weinstein: Dread Head Chef Dessert Chips

Michael Weinstein is a veteran Dallas chef. He has cooked in the kitchens at The Grape, Aurora, and Tramontana. He has left the grind of professional cooking behind and plans to turn the chips and salsa market upside down. His new line, Dread Head Chef Dessert Chips and Sweet Salsas, encourages you to enjoy this Tex-Mex tradition after your meal instead of before. His products include strawberry-mango and pineapple-banana-macadamia nut salsas, and the corn chips are flavored with cinnamon and chocolate. Our favorite combo? Chocolate corn chips dipped into a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream covered with a dollop of strawberry-mango salsa. Pairs well with 24 and Law and Order SVU. Available.


  • I got to try his stuff at Zest Fest last fall and it was FAB! I loved the banana flavored salsa and it is great with chocolate ice cream!

  • Mike is talented and his Dessert Chips are fantastic. Oh yeah, Mike’s a cool guy too. We ran into each other in New Orleans a few weeks ago.

  • he gives out samples, too

    If anyone wants to get some and meet him, come to the new weekly outdoor market in Addison on Sundays from 10am to 3pm. It’s in the old Bed Bath & Beyond parking lot at Belt Line and the Tollway. (SE corner) Try, buy & support local businesses like his.

  • Richard Davis

    I just ran into Michael at Whole Foods Park Ln. He was providing samples!! He said Whole Foods is test marketing them at Lovers and Lakewood. Go and get some.