Chalk Talk: Andrew Talks with Ted Allen

Ted Allen is well known for his participation in the Food Network programs Iron Chef, Food Detectives, and Chopped (which has just had another series commissioned). He was in Dallas to discuss wine and food matching and to do a cooking demonstration at Taste of Addison. I got the chance to catch up with him before his big gig and asked him about matching wines with some of the most popular foods in Texas.


  • Karson

    Did he say ‘murder my wife’? Last I heard he enjoyed the company of men. Something change?

  • Steak and roast chicken is all you could come up with? What about pairings with Tex-Mex, and most importantly BBQ?

  • Dr. Freud


    Based on Ted’s batting eyelashes and body language, I think he has the hots for Andrew Chalk.

  • Shanna

    Rumor has it that Allen had a few indiscretions while in Dallas. You bad bois!

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