• Me!

    Better than naming it the Rusty Trombone

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Or Fenton Taco.

    I wonder if it will become as famous as the Fenton Stratocaster?

  • TLS

    You’ll really lose your appetite if you go to Urban Dictionary:

  • Scagnetti

    Fromer President Bush enjoys tacos and is in the oil bidness. Perect fit.

  • FortWorthGuy

    Another salacious name from El A: the Pink Taco. I hear that the baseball caps with the name and logo are quite popular with a certain group.

  • I will have to take my Doberman, also named Rusty, there for a taco. Rusty’s full AKC name: Doc Holliday’s Rusty Revolver. Rusty’s father’s name was Bullet and he was the only surviving puppy from the seventh litter produced by his mother. So, Rusty seemed all too appropriate a name for a black and tan Dobey of his heritage, à la Rusty Taco.

  • Ha. Beat luniz to the taco stash and ate there last week. The fish taco was pretty damned good. Rusty was out of the hospital just days and back at opening the place. Beautiful patio scene. And a nod to the post after this one about Trader Vics? Look for the chef from Trader Vics in Rusty’s kitchen making tacos.

  • Susan

    Had lunch today, and the line was out the door.
    Taco’s were great.

  • JI

    Hmm…I guess these posts have influence. I showed up at 3:30pm today to have a late lunch and they were out of food. Seriously. They were turning people away.

    So, if you read this, don’t bother stopping by for dinner tonight.

  • luniz

    I wonder what makes you think I have any interest in rushing to this place.

  • Marcus

    We ordered about 1:15 and my 3 tacos hit the table about 5 till 2. The tacos were good, but I was a little disappointed in the amount of filling in all 3. I’ll chalk that up to them being busy and it’s their first day.

    Give them a week or two, I’m sure they’ll pull it together.

  • rrt

    We had a very similar experience to Marcus. Waited in a long line to order and then waited 40 minutes for our tacos and chips and queso. Also, when we ordered at 12:40p they were already out of brisket and eggs. How about running to the store to grab some eggs. I was annoyed after waiting 40 mins for our tacos but they were good. I’l probably give it a try again but they have to work on the execution. NOBODY wants to wait that long for food – esp. at lunch.

    One suggestion for Rusty Taco, if a customer orders chips and salsa/guac/queso, give it to them with their drinks. Don’t make them wait until they get their food.

  • I failed to mention… home made tortillas.

  • Luniz, I thought you loved taquerias.

  • James

    In all fairness, I doubt they expected so many people to show up on the 1st day… I’m sure it was a bit overwhelming for them!

  • luniz

    I like good, fairly priced, unpretentious food that I don’t have to wait an hour for. I eat at taquerias maybe twice a month. I sure as hell don’t feel the need to rush to new places just so that I can say I’ve been there.

  • Batface Mcgee

    I just don’t get it. I tried to go there today at 2:15 and was told it would be 30-45 minutes before my food would be ready. There was no wait to order and less than half the tables inside and out were full. I told them I would be back when they figure out to run a restaurant. Can someone please explain to me why it takes 40 minutes to make a couple of tacos?

  • Steven Doyle

    James: that is true. No banners, no ads, just word of mouth, so how could they predict that many eager people showing up. Not even a soft opening (possible mistake).

    luniz: lighten up, it’s just a taco and very unpretentious.

    Batface: The location is insanely good for just such a place. The beer is cheap and it has a huge assed patio. Give em a few days and I am sure they will iron out the difficulties. Or not.

  • skipper

    @Steven — please! Just on Facebook they have been advertising for a couple months now about their opening. They built up a huge momentum and excitement. Their menu isn’t extensive or complex. Running out of food is a little odd. These aren’t novice restaurateurs. A friend tried it today and they ran out of eggs early. Just don’t get it running out of food.

  • Batface McGee

    Steven, I understand all that, but please explain to me how it takes 35 minutes to make a couple of tacos when I didnt have to wait in line to order and the place was less than half full.

  • Steven Doyle

    I understand where you are coming from, skipper. There is no excuse in running out of groceries other than the fact that these owners buy what they anticipate. I spoke with Rusty last week and he stated that he wasn’t expecting to be busy at first and would build momentum.

    Fenton is a cool dude. He just had his kidney removed and opened a restaurant all in the same week. I issue a hall pass on running out of eggs.

    They do make their own tortillas, perhaps that has something with the staggered orders. If that is the case they need to work out a better system. As you said, they ARE professionals.

    The manager worked with Fenton back when he started out as a waiter in Houston at Pappasitos, and the cooks are chefs from Trader Vics (well seasoned). Maybe we need to ask him wtf, or give them a bit to work it out.

    A high class problem, to be sure.

  • skipper

    @Steven– I hear ya. I went on Monday and saw Rusty at the restaurant. Knowing what he has been through the last couple weeks I was surprised to see him there but he looked great. The staff were all busting their humps — that wasn’t the issue. Execution and supply I guess. The eggs ran early both Mon and today. I don’t know — if you see you’re running low — call someone to bring you some or run across the street to parkit market. It’s a cool place and a great concept. I think they’ll do just fine. I’ll give it a try again in about a month.

    As you mentioned, a soft opening probably would have benefited them.

  • emily

    has anyone been able to taste the food?
    all people seem to talk about is how they run out of food.
    What bout the food? is it worth the buzz?
    what would you compare it 2?

  • Daniel

    @emily, after reading the comments on their facebook page, the reviews of the food are a little mixed. But from what it sounds like, the tacos are probably not worth as much buzz as they have received. I’m probably going to wait for the hype to die down a bit to try them out.