Official Notice: Trader Vic’s in Dallas Has Left the Building

(Alternative hed: Tiki Man is Dead. Again.)

The other day we reported Trader Vic’s was selling off their swag. I posted a link to the website handling the sale but the site went dark about an hour later. Guess some of the higher ups at Palomar weren’t too happy to think employees were leaking information to the  media. I assured them that my source was not an employee. We pay rent for someone to live in the residences just to keep an eye on what goes on over there. Then I told them the truth–a D employee lives there and pays her own way.

Anywhoo, Greenlight Advertising, is here to make a statement, clear the air, and make Candy Evans cry. Go, Greenlight.

I wanted to share the following info with you both regarding the Trader Vic’s space in Dallas.  We will post this to the Trader Vic’s Dallas Facebook fan page shortly.

We apologize for the lengthy silence.  As you may know, earlier this year a pipe burst in our restaurant.  We tried tirelessly to find a way to keep the doors open, but the cost of remodeling was just too high.  We will not be reopening Trader Vic’s Dallas, however, we are very excited about a new concept restaurant that will be taking over the space.  For now, that is all we can share.  As we work through this process, we will use this fan page to keep you as informed as possible.  Thank you for all the great memories at Trader Vic’s Dallas!

Greenlight Advertising  is working with those involved to facilitate the transition of the space from Trader Vic’s to the new concept.  If either of you have questions, feel free to ask me and I will do my best to get you what you need.

See, Candy. It isn’t all bad. You can have a virtual scorpion whenever you need a fix. Miss you, Tiki Man. I will always love you.


  • Sander

    The cost of remodeling is too high, but the cost of a new concept coming in is acceptable? Please, don’t insult us with that twisted logic. Just admit TV’s wasn’t profitable and that you’re doing something else now. We’re all ok w/that.

  • We hate to make anyone cry, but if you or Candy need more than a virtual scorpion fix you are welcome to drop by our office for Thirsty Thursdays.

  • Chuck

    It is not shocking that a restaurant with bad food and even worse service is closing. Just a shame the TV tradition here in Dallas had to be tarnished by this mess.

    “a pipe burst in our restaurant” – karma is a b.tch

  • @ greenlight — whatcha got for Thirsty Thursdays? Funny TV story I just now recalled: we went there with my daughter’s (then) future mother-in-law for a celebratory dinner. Since my hubby was off-call, he ordered a “Suffering Bastard”, which we thought appropriate for the father of a bride whose wife was about to go a tad bit over budget on the wedding. The drink that came was AWFUL. We all tasted it and gagged. He sent it back and turned out they had mixed the wrong ingredients. (Which means they probably tasted the drink, too.) I truly thought they had added Draino by mistake. But they did bring back a better, tastier Suffering Bastard and didn’t charge us for it.

  • Samoan Fog Cutter

    I missed the latest version of Trader Vic’s and it sounds like I didn’t miss anything. I do have fond memories of the original but I can’t remember them.

  • GK

    Actually Samoan FG, I imagine anyone who cares enough to read this will be missing something now. I can’t and won’t even try to defend most of the food they served save a couple of passable dishes, but Dallas just lost a great cocktail bar and truly cool retro-tiki-fantasy atmosphere which now cannot be found anywhere else in this city – or state. The slew of hip-yet-dull restaurant interiors and brain-numbing, television-laden sports bars remains, alas. As much as I know one can have a great drink and meal in a bare metal shed, it was a rare case where I did indeed hope decor (and unique drinks) would render the food issues moot.

  • Samoan Fog Cutter

    If it just smelled the same as the original, that would have been enough for me.