• Sarah Eveans

    Bolsa has a good one. They’ll top it with a Lone Star beer “floater” and make it super spicy if that’s how you like it.

  • B

    I’m a fan of the places that let you build your own – Ozonas, Holy Grail, etc. Everyone has a different taste for Bloody Marys, but the bar has to start with good mix and vodka ratios. I didn’t like Bloody Marys that came pre-mixed from the bar becasue there was always something wrong – too spicy, too salty, too much mix, etc. Let the customer finish off their own with all the fixings.

  • We had a good one at Cafe San Miguel this weekend.

  • DGirl

    American Airlines First Class en route to BVI via Miami.

  • sam

    Had several at Villa-O yesterday (fyi, bottomless on Sat and Sunday) that were great. They put some of their special spicy marinara in it, which is surprisingly good!

  • DallasChef

    Tillman’s in Ft Worth has an awesome bloody!!!

  • Amy, I have some in my frig right now!! Best recipe.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    LaDuni, hands down. Although, at $9.25, it better be good.

  • Unfortunately Amy’s Absolut-ely Outrageous Bloody Mary Vodka take a few weeks to infuse with: horseradish root, fresh dill, celery seed, peppercorns, jalapeno. But once it’s done all you need to add is worcestershire sauce and V-8.

  • Stella

    My husband is THE expert and swears by Hattie’s. Homemade tomato base and just spicy enough.

  • I think Fearring’s has the best one . Especilly when they use the Chipotle Vodka.

  • borntorhone

    The unusually spiced Bloody Mary at Bengal Coast is amazing.

  • MP

    Rick Shew and Mike Wallace both do it right.

  • agree on fearings, but prefer their house with Titos, zing zang, crispy tortilla strips and micro cilantro. Strong to quite strong!

  • acrow

    Although not the best I’ve ever had, the bloddy mary’s at penne pomorodo are pretty damn good for only a $1 per drink w/brunch.

  • Obviously I’m prejudiced but I firmly believe the “tableside” bloody mary’s at Maximo during Sunday Brunch are the best and why? Because our guests create their own recipe. We start with Chef Mora’s bloody mary base which is partially derived from his tortilla soup base and from there we add a variety of flavors and spices. We use the same flavors that compliment our tableside guacamole and ceviche. The end result though is guest driven and we see return guests every Sunday for our Bloody Mary Tableside.
    Oh, and you can select any premium vodka we offer. My preference is Absolute Peppar.

  • Manda

    Bloody Mary?
    Go see Tony Bricker at MERIDIAN ROOM
    You are only hurting yourself if you dont!

  • Cherri Oakley

    Drinks to try: Spicy Dirty Bloody from Ryan Wilbanks @ Marlon’s

  • Cherri Oakley

    Oops…I meant at Morton’s!!