Oceanaire in Dallas: Bought by Landry’s

Please feed this fish before it dies.

Last night I was perusing my copy of Seafood Source  and came upon this tidy, optimistic story on Oceanaire.  The Minneapolis-based upscale seafood chain filed for bankruptcy last year and closed four of its restaurants. The Dallas “store” (hate that) survived. However, I just came across this document. Looks like Landry’s has purchased Oceanaire at the Galleria. Is this good or bad? I don’ t know. If they don’t change a thing, it’s good—we need this restaurant in Dallas. I know it’s a “c-word” (chain) but I think they do a fine job of bringing in fresh seafood.


  • Willy

    They bought the whole chain…

  • Lazy Boy Eats with Spoon

    I hear COAST in Plano is up for sale too.

  • oceanaire had quality seafood and ordered from good vendors. i don’t know that is true about Coast (being for sale), but a shame if it is.

    Willy, the haddock @ NST was delicious last night.

  • Best of luck to Aaron Valimont and crew.

  • Buy low, sell high. Probably got a fantastic price for Oceannaire, Landry’s has the capital reserves to keep it running. I’m guessing once the point where supply is lower than demand (i.e. full restaurants) they will try to expand this concept into other markets. It certainly fits with their other chains, and actually it’s similar to the corporate buyout of Del Frisco’s a few years back.

  • Twinwillow

    I love the seafood, wines and service at Oceanaire. I really hope the new owners wont change, anything!