In-N-Out Burger in Dallas Debate: The Sequel

While the In-N-Out Burger rumors burn out of control, a loyal Disher suggests we open a different can of worms. Hear him out.

So, an interesting corollary to this In-N-Out debate would be “well, what other restaurant institutions in Dallas are over-rated”?

I’d throw the sacred Campisi’s on that burning altar.  Why do they consistently pack them in?

Perhaps Primo’s. Don’t get it.

Definitely Goff’s before Harvey sold it.  Why would anyone put up with his sh*t?

Burger House, an institution with an ordinary burger.

Snuffer’s.  I just don’t get the attraction of those nasty cheese fries.

What About Harry’s: I like Harry himself, but darn, it stinks in there.

Mi Cocina.  $8 to $10 margaritas?  And people pack the place.

Patrizio’s … bad service, generic pasta, great location.  And still proclaimed as a great date place.  Really, I don’t get this one at all.

Wow, I’m handing my keyboard over to this dude. He sure asks a lot of questions for a guy from New Jersey. Go. Fight. Wynne!