D Home Offers the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Irresponsible Dallas Children

You’re not 8 years old anymore. You can’t just cut a vaguely flower-shaped hole out of a piece of construction paper, tape it to a piece of cardboard, scribble “Happy Mother’s Day!” across the top, and consider your filial duty fulfilled. Mom really deserves better.

But what can you possibly give this year to assure her that the more than $200,000 she spent on raising you (not counting the money you continued to mooch once you headed off to college), was somehow worth it? Well, look no further than the following commercial announcement:

D Home, which for 10 years has been a great shining beacon among the nation’s “shelter” magazines, is marking its anniversary with an opportunity to give an annual subscription for the special price of $12. That’s six issues (plus the 2010 Design Book) for 60% off the cover price. Heck, buy one for your wife and your grandmother and your sister and crazy aunt Gladys while you’re at it.