• matias

    Thats a great new for us and a bad new for Zinsky’s.

  • Twinwillow

    But, we still want to know, WHERE?

  • Hayley Hamilton

    The Houstonian salad at Kenny and Ziggy’s is fantastic…can’t wait to see what they will do for Dallas.

  • Boo to LBJ & Presteon…

    Is part of the problem for these delis that they all open in the same general area, paying high rents? can we please get a decent deli south of Mockingbird?

  • Twinwillow

    Michael, unfortunately there are only 3 Jews living south of Mockingbird. Including, myself.

  • laurie

    Twinwillow and Michael,
    There are a lot more Jews that you realize who are south of Mockingbird. There’s a whole community south of the Trinity, a bunch in the highrises of uptown and plenty east of Central, too. You just have to look harder.