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What’s the Deal, Hacienda?

By Jennifer Chininis |

So our photographer, Matthew Shelley, has been trying to set up a photo shoot at Hacienda on Henderson since before Christmas. He would call three or four times a week, and each time someone would take a message, promising that the manager would get back to him. It never happened, so eventually he gave up. Until we asked him again recently—hey, Matt, where are those pictures of Hacienda?

Well, he’s resumed trying to set up a shoot, and still he can’t get the right person on the phone. This week he’s been told to call back tomorrow (which he did) or in 20 minutes (which he also did). Still no luck. And, no, he’s not calling during peak hours. (He’s shot restaurants before, so he knows when to call.) So I ask you, what gives? Why is it so hard to take a picture at this place? Are people having similar issues with the service when they dine? I haven’t been, so I’m asking you, SideDishers: do you get the runaround at Hacienda? Oh, and let me know how the food is, too.