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What I’m Drinking Now: Easter Wine, Texas Style


As we welcome spring with a beautiful Easter weekend, why not celebrate some of the Texas wine makers that are doing great things here and abroad.  Yes, we continue to see Texas wine makers emerging onto the market with pleasing Texas based selections; but I also love the stories of our wine makers from Texas that are making stellar wine from California to Argentina.  Here are a few that may go well with your Easter brunch.  Some selections were sent for editorial consideration, some I just love.  Thank you Easter Bunny!!!

Oak Cliff Cellars Chardonnay– I just found this little gem the other night at Dali Wine Bar.  The creation of Oak Cliff, Dallas resident Jim “JR” Richardson, who started his winery in Calistoga, California, just a few years ago, mainly because he loves wine, and the celebration of bringing friends together around a great food with a glass of your favorite wine.  The Chardonnay is fresh and crisp, filled with bright green apple and pear with light mineral notes.

Terrior Coquerel – Dallas’ Brenda and Clay Cockerell’s Terroir Coquerel is the wine they set out to make when they started Coquerel Family Wine Estates in Calistoga in California’s Napa Valley in 2005.  Reminiscent of a classic White Bordeaux, with predominantly Sauvignon Blanc, and a hint of Semillon, and aged for 8 months in new French oak.  The wine is filled with lemon peel with a gorgeous layer of nutty cream from the oak aging.  A beautiful wine to be enjoyed with or without food. If you opt for with, try it with a simple grilled white fish or crab cakes with a light lemon butter sauce.  

Times Ten Cellars Rose – Always a patio pleaser, this dry Rose is filled with strawberry and cherry with light cinnamon and pepper spice that has all the substance and style of a light red wine, and is perfect with a slight chill on it.

Fuqua Syrah – I do love the Fuqua’s wine, and had their Syrah recently.  Deep, blackberry and currant flavors with a hint of spice and smoke, great with your Easter brisket or grilled ribs.  

Wrath San Saba Vineyard Pinot Noir – From Dallas native Michael Thomas and his family who bought their vineyard in the San Saba Region of Monterey County, California in 2007 and is changing the way people think about wine from this region.  Formally used for large production grape growing, his new focus for this land is to create high quality, small production wine in soil appropriate for the varietals.  His Pinot Noir is earthy, dense and smoky enhanced with lush cherry and berry flavors. 

Andeluna Cellars Reserve Malbec– Dallas businessman H Ward Lay fell in love with the Argentine terrain, people and wine, especially the Old World European heritage, merged with the New World techniques.   One whiff of the Reserve Malbec brings an instant smile, as I too love everything Argentine, from the magnificent countryside, beautiful people,intense wine and welcoming culture, Argentina is a wine lovers dream.  This Malbec is filled with black cherry, black plum and dried fruit, with a subtle hint of chocolate and coffee.

Calais La Cuvee du Commerce– From Deep Ellum’s favorite winery, the Calais La Cuvee du Commerce is predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, with 15% Syrah giving the wine a hint of spice wrapped around the currant, tabacco and vanilla notes.  This is a bold wine with elegance and a long, welcomed finish.

And, if you are looking to brighten up your Easter table Riedel is giving you a hand with their new Riedel “O” series in bright, bunny perfect pastel colors.  I tend to prefer a stemmed glass for my wine, but if you love the “O” series, these are a cute option.