Reader Reviews: Savor Dallas

We’d love to hear your experiences at Savor Dallas. If you attend an event or seminar this weekend, leave a note below. Go. Eat. Drink. Report.


  • luniz

    *sigh* it’s going to be a sad savor this year.

  • louis

    I have friends from Cleveland coming in just for this. Or maybe the weather.

  • Red

    Super fast stroll tonight – more like a light jog. Great evening, beautiful weather, only wished I had time to enjoy the wine before jetting out for the next destination!

  • I’ve gone to Savor Dallas every year and I’m glad that such an event exists in this area – kudos to the staff for making it happen. I went to the Wine Stroll last night and had a good time with the beverage selections, however I left with some puzzling questions. First, why does the stroll start at 5pm on a work day? It does not seem reasonable to expect a great turnout at 5pm. Yet the 5pm start is a must to have even a remote shot at hitting all the venues this year – 5 of them, to be exact – because the booths close early. As 7pm arrived, booths were already deserted, bottles depleted, and I had not made it to all the venues although I didn’t linger. I’d be curious if anyone made all 5 venues and tried everything they wanted to try… I also was incredibly disappointed when I arrived at the Winspear and signs directed me to a tiny side room. For weeks, I’d anticipated seeing the new Opera house up close and exploring, but that was not part of the plan at all – really, that aspect of the event could’ve as easily been held at a warehouse without anyone noticing a difference.

    In the future, I’d love to see tasting sheets with all the wines listed on them that we can download and print out, or maybe an iPhone app – it’s the one thing I hear over and over from the customers, that they hope they remember what they tried and liked the next day. Perhaps estimated street values of the wines, ways to purchase the bottles we enjoy, downloadable maps and other fan friendly media. 6 years, people – why don’t we have these things implemented yet?

    So, those are some brief comments on potential changes which I won’t get too deep into for the sake of space. Overall, though, this is a great weekend of events. The wine stroll finally is back to its roots after the horrid experiment of splitting the venue between the arts district and American Airlines – that was always a fiasco for a lot of reasons including the overpromised and underdelivered DART shuttles. Now, the wine stroll returns back to an Arts district “stroll” – Dallas is all grown up, now. The new theater is amazing, the Winspear looked pretty from the outside, the Meyerson is always excellent, and didn’t make it to the Nasher and DMA… A very good event I never miss due to the wine, but could be spectacular with some minor and easy adjustments. I highly recommend it to everyone, publishing it on my facebook and sending emails to promote it. Fantastic value at $35, and tonight’s International Grand Tasting is well worth the $125.

    Drink, eat, enjoy – the only way to know what you like is to try it. Tastings make it so much easier to compare – bring paper and a pen, jot things down, learn…



  • Me

    We made it to all 5 venues, but had to move quickly to do so. 2 hours is too short, but I think the event has to end at 7 because there are performances at some of the venues.

    As we were walking out of the Winspear, one of the Winspear employees (volunteers) offered to take us and some other folks on a tour. It took about 15 minutes, but was worth the time.

    Overall, it was a good event. I spent a little time on the Savor Dallas website ahead of time to determine which were the better wines to try. My only quibble is that there was no food from 1717 or Tei An, as advertised. It is possible they had run out by the time we arrived at those venues, but that isn’t acceptable either.

    Anyone else notice that the Mansion and Bruno Davaillon has suddenly vanished from the list of restaurants at the Grand Tasting?

  • Elijah

    Here is my podium from the International Grand Tasting last night:

    Gold: Lobster ceviche from Dallas Fish Market
    Silver: Rock shrimp lettuce wraps from Nobu
    Bronze: Blue Cheese stuffed dates with zip code honey from Bolsa.

    honorable mentions: Spicy tuna tartare from Oceannaire, Cakeballs.

  • Cathy

    Parking was horrible. The walking tree scared the crap out of me. The beer braised short ribs with naughty cheesy grits. Priceless.

  • Forget about the tree-man, what about that bronzed Custer?

  • Elijah

    We took the red line which dropped us off a 1/2 block from the hotel. That was great. But, to be honest, the giant, sparse room felt like a convention or trade show, with virtually no “buzz”. It was much more lively and interesting at the Plaza of the Americas.

  • Justin

    My fiance and I did the wine stroll. There were some nice wines, we made it to four venues but the entire thing seemed too rushed. And of the local restaurants that were supposed to have food there we only saw Fedora at the Nasher, no sign of the rest (this proved to be kind of a problem towards the end) maybe they were at the 5th venue.

    It wasn’t a bad experience, it just wasn’t nearly as nice as previous years.

  • luniz

    I prefer the larger room to the crowded atrium. I thought there was plenty of buzz, but much less jostling. Unfortunately I didn’t think the food was quite as interesting as it was last year.

  • Wow! Thanks for all the great comments. This is how we move forward and make adjustments, and hopefully, improvements to Savor Dallas. Couple of replies I’d like to offer:
    Tait Lifto: We couldn’t extend the Wine Stroll times because of performances in the Meyerson and Winspear–although there were so many people in the Meyerson lobby that the tasting continued until about 8:15, and past 7:30 in the Winspear (Hamon Hall). I was not completely sold on “Hamon Hall” for the Winspear location, but because of the very small lobby in the opera house and the Wynton Marsalis concert that evening, the folks at AT&T Performing Arts Center asked us to stage the tasting there. It made for better logistics (private entry) and people got to see the Winspear upon exiting the room (through the lobby, which is all anyone would have seen if we had put the tasting–with fewer tables–in the lobby. There were overall listings of wines featured at each venue at the entrance to each location. We need to do a better job of making these more visible. The idea of developed tasting sheets with notes, prices, etc., is a great idea. We have been urging the wineries to do it for years. We will work harder to make this happen next year. I am interested in what you mean by “downloadable maps and fan-friendly media”. Please let me know if you see this, Tait.
    ME: Unfortunately, The Mansion on Turtle Creek called us two days before Savor Dallas and told us they could not participate. They were contrite. We had already printed our program. Sorry. They were removed from the website.
    Cathy: Please tell me more about your parking situation. The “tree man” is actually “Vine Man” and not Dirk Nowitzki’s little brother as some suggested. Sorry he scared you.
    Dallas Dude: Dude, that was Jack Daniel! Not Custer. I’d rather be in Jack’s shoes anyday!
    Justin: All the One Arts Plaza restaurants were serving food in the Winspear, the Wyly and the Nasher. In some cases they were doing passed hors d’oeuvres (Wyly and Winspear), which I don’t care for either. You don’t get any food unless you happen to tackle the server as she passes-by. Passed hors d’oeuvres were also featured at Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant for the Dallas Museum of Art. All delicious by the way. Thanks to Dali Wine Bar and Restaurant, Fedora Restaurant and Lounge, Jorge’s Tex Mex, Screen Door, and Tei-An. Also the aforementioned Seventeen Seventeen, Culinaire International and Wolfgang Puck Catering. Cheers!
    Regarding the International Grand Tasting: I agree with those who loved the look and feel of the Plaza of the Americas. It is an exciting and breathtaking view. It is not a good place to stage a large food and wine event, though. People had an awful time getting around and finding chefs, wines, bathrooms, stairs, you name it. The Sheraton Dallas location may not be as “sexy”, but it is a tremendous space, very classy, with great access and facilities. Its size also allows us to add more restaurants and wines. Putting the event on one floor in one location also gives people the chance to experience what’s really important: the tasting experience and a good time with friends. See you next year. Please contact me directly with any thoughts or suggestions. THANKS.