Reader Reviews: Savor Dallas 2010

Did you savor Savor Dallas? What events did you like? I’d love to hear your observations. Go.


  • Savoring Dallas

    My favorite of the night was the Steak Tartare and Grilled Cheese Sandwich at the Suze booth

  • Dallas Dude

    What is with it being only 2 hours long? Even if you tried, you could not make it to all of the venues in 2 hours…I would extend the event time to at least 3 hours. I would be willing to pay $50 a ticket to have been able to make all of the venues…

  • Dallas Dude

    I am mentioning the Wine Stroll Friday night…

  • Thanks for the comments. We couldn’t “formally” extend the Arts District Wine Stroll because of performances in the Winspear and the Meyerson. We will look for ways to work around this next year. Actually, the wine tasting continued in the Meyerson lobby until almost 8:15 as Wynton Marsalis guests filed in, and until about 7:30 at the Winspear. We want to make this more leisurely for our guests, too! That’s why it’s called a “Stroll” instead of a “sprint”! Thanks.

  • DallasDude

    Just an FYI. That was a DallasDude impersonator. All the events I attended went swimmingly and enjoyed meeting Mr White and the many who helped make this event a wonderful success.

  • JLTuttle

    I LOVED the grilled cheese and ham sandwich from Nick & Sam’s Grill…also enjoyed The Grill on the Alley’s steak sandwich, Five Sixty’s lamb chops and the dessert table from The Westin Galleria Hotel. I’d say 99% of everything I tried was absolutely delicious.

  • luniz

    I missed a lot of the best stuff apparently 🙁

  • I offered to bathe in the couscous from the French Room.

    My notes indicate that I tried over one hundred wines last weekend, and some amazing Scotch.

    There was nothing that wasn’t amazing served Saturday night. If Jim would perform this magic feat in different cities, I would follow.

    Sorry I missed you, luniz.

  • luniz

    yea same here. Weird how that can happen. I thought the French Room’s couscous was great, but the pork belly part wasn’t as good as either of the pork belly options from last year. Not as smooth/tender, needed salt.

  • My husband & I really enjoyed ourselves. Was surprised at how good Nobu’s lettuce wrap was. We, too, enjoyed the French Room’s Couscous. Thought the absolute Vodka Bar was neat. Thought it was well worth the money- everyone seemed happy, full & a bit buzzed!

  • Charissa

    I had similar faves: Steak Tartare and Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Suze), lamb chops (Five Sixty), the cheese booths, the desserts from The Westin Galleria and all the chocolate booths- esp Chocolate Secrets. Hands down the most fun event I’ve attended since moving to Dallas 2 years ago. Loved the live music and sweet couples dancing! I will definitely be back next year- though I will not bother with the 20 minute tour of the parking garage at the Sheraton.

  • I parked in the five dollar lot across the rail tracks to the north of the Sheraton. No problems going in or out.

  • ebnbigd

    i did try almost everything that was available. the dates from bolsa were amazing! super hot and fresh. the pork belly from the french room was fabulous!! also, the salmon from cru, i thought it was different and super fun!