Office Argument: Best Frozen Yogurt in Dallas

Yesterday, all the gals here at D headquarters were jonsing for frozen yogurt. We wondered why there wasn’t a froyo shop across the street (we are very lazy). Then we got into a spirited discussion about frozen yogurt. No secret I am addicted to chocolate Pinkberry. Raya and Ryan also like Pinkberry. Jennifer loves the zum flavor at Orange Cup (I think it sucks and their packaging for to-go-froyo kills many trees). The smart girls, and by smart I mean they are grammarian copy-editor types, Allison, Kristiana, and Krista, swear by Yumilicious. Allison loves the red velvet and cake batter; Krista goes for the raspberry and plain.

So here’s the (cheap) question: Name your favorite shop and flavor. (BTW, I don’t think any froyo should taste like a cake or a raw cookie. Bad food cross-dressing.) Also, why don’t boys like frozen yogurt?


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  • Catmandoo

    I like the green apple from BlueCherry. Mmmm, topped with cranberry-macadamia nut cereal and coconut… double MMMMM

  • Tamara

    Yumilicious all the way!! Red Velvet Cake frozen yogurt and green tea yogurt are the BEST! Self serve is the way to go!

  • The “Yogurt District” on McKinney gives a lot of choices but I agree with Tamara…Yumilicious is the better “people” concept. People like playing with their food… and it shows because this place is always packed in more temperate times. Way more kid friendly.

    I will give it to PinkBerry… they really set the bar and standard for these Mid-Century Modern Fro-Yo places. I would really like someone else to come up with a concept that didn’t bit off of their aesthetic.

  • I cannot speak for all men, but I prefer something more substantial I particulary enjoyed the samples of Paciugo Gelato I tried last weekend.

  • MP

    Boys don’t dislike frozen yogurt. Reasonable people dislike frozen yogurt.

    For example, one serving of frozen yogurt = 325 calories. One ounce of bourbon = 65 calories. Five ounces of bourbon = 325 calories.

    So when presented with the opportunity to have frozen yogurt, you have to ask yourself: would I rather have five ounces of bourbon? I think that answers itself.

  • Jas

    Pinkberry – Green Tea Flavor

    I’m a man, and I’m not afraid to say I love that stuff.

  • Beka

    Yumilicious is by far the best. I like cookies and cream and cake batter. They also have the best toppings and stay open way past when they are supposed to close. My boyfriend also says, “real men like frozen yogurt.” He’s often the one who asks to go. He loves chocolate and cookies and cream.

  • DGirl

    Pinkberry and I Heart Yogurt. I never ever stray from my set up: coconut or vanilla with fresh mango, almonds and a smidge of coconut.

  • air

    J’adore Yogurt: taro, orange sorbet
    Natsumi: tart, green tea

  • LisaS

    Im a girl and I side with MP!

  • I Heart Yogurt vanilla with one ounce of Bourbon + 65 calories

  • Tomas

    I am a boy and go with Yogurt by Me at Alpha and Noel. Yogurt is great. Lots of self serve choices and toppings (which are fresh and good and varied). Staff is nice too. Not many people there, though, so I am not sure they are going to make it.

  • Yumilicious – plain with mango, raspberry, pomegranite seeds and granola.

  • SCamp

    FreshBerry in the new center across from NorthPark is the best.

  • b

    I have tried Pinkberry, Orange Cup, Red Mango, Yumilicious, Natsumi, and various others, and by far the best is Berry Berry (Knox & 75, next to Potbelly).

    No other yogurt comes anywhere near their creaminess and tang. Believe me, I keep trying to find something that matches it, and there isn’t any.

    Downside is they don’t have a billion flavors like some other places (2+2 rotating), but I’m pretty simplistic with my yogurt.

    You yogurt addicts have got to try it!

  • John

    A better question? How many of these places are going to exist in 3 years?

    Yogen Fruz already failed. I would bet that no more than 3 chains will be around in 3-5 years.

  • KT

    Pinkberry is by FAR the freshest with the best toppings. They just got a cheesecake topping that is delicious!

    I think the next discussion should be oddest flavor combination from any of the above mentioned places.

  • LK

    I have gone to quite a few yogurt places in Dallas. A visit to Pinkberry is totally worth it for me. I have to get my Chocolate with Captain Crunch fix in! Not to mention, my boyfriend, who never suggests getting fro-yo, somehow always wants to treat me to Chocolate Pinkberry (now that its in Dallas) just so he can get some of his own. He might not admit it, but I know he loves it.

  • Roseanne

    I have to say that although I love to play with my food, the thought of self-service yogurt and toppings in a city that is running rampant with illness is DISGUSTING!

    Pinkberry all the way! Chocolate with the new cinnamon streusel topping is the tastiest low-fat treat going!

  • Jess

    Pinkberry original with strawberries blackberries and granola. Orange cup original good too but melts quickly.

    Self serve grosses me out. I don’t want slimey kiwi mixed in with my granola or a 4 year old sneezing on the food bar. Same reason I don’t eat at jasons deli.

  • KS

    Yumilicious. Hate the name, but LOVE the self-serve.

    1/2 no sugar added Vanilla
    1/2 Cookies and Cream

    Toppings: Strawberry, banana and a smattering of Oreos, for the crunch.

  • KS

    Also, where do you get that calorie count MP? At Yumilicious it’s 22-28 calories per ounce. Six ounces is only 150 calories (approximately). Granted, toppings can get out of control, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • luniz

    Does the chocolate really taste like chocolate? Don’t all the toppings generally taste pretty much the same – that is, like sugar? It’s not that I have anything against frozen yogurt, when I have a rare craving in warm months for something sweet and different, I will get a plain at Natsumi, maybe with sliced almonds topping. But my guess is most guys want something richer and more flavorful, less sweet, than frozen yogurt.

  • luniz

    also I have to hand it to the posters in this thread. Nobody is willing to die for generic ice cream like extrusion of yogurt cultures and sugar.

  • air

    >>But my guess is most guys want something richer and more flavorful, less sweet, than frozen yogurt.

    Exactly why I’m a big fan of Natsumi and J’adore since to me, they top the ranks in flavor depth and creaminess. Most other places taste “off”, whether it’s medicinal, chemically, plasticky, or are way too watered down and icy. The only topping I ever put on mine (if ever) is granola.

    Also I’d take some ice cream (Old Town Creamery) or frozen custard (Freddy’s) over fro-yo any day of the week. Screw it being bad for you, it’s yummy.

  • Brandy

    No tangy stuff! I HEART YOGURT Tahitian Vanilla with granola, almonds and fresh berries. Not a horrible addiction to have . . .

  • alexandra

    Yumilicious all the way! The honeydew, avocado and papaya are delish!PS I know quite a few (straight) guy friends who regularly frequent Yumilicious after their workouts!

  • Yumilicious for shizzle. Peanut Butter with graham cracker topping and chocolate syrup.

  • Gia

    @Roseanne: “a city that is running rampant with illness” – seriously!? H1N1 is SO last year!

    I Heart Y has the most sophisticated flavors of the bunch, but Yumi’s my quick-and-DIRTY fix.

  • BB Addict

    @b: Ditto!
    I admit, I have jumped on this yogurt craze. I have tried every yogurt shop in the area. My calories and my money go to BerryBerry. It is hands down the best yogurt. The yogurt is so creamy. I am completely addicted to the Original Yogo. Peanut Butter is fantastic as well. It’s embarrassing how quickly those cups stack up in my car! This shop deserves more attention.

  • tm

    FreshBerry. Tried the rasberry over the weekend with fresh mango, strawberries, and mochi on top. yum.

  • Al Gore

    I invented frozen yogurt and when me and Tipsy aren’t guzzling Swedish Vodka we like the black cherry frozen yogurt at Plaza Health Food Store in Snider Plaza.

  • D

    I can’t believe no one else mentioned the Pink Guava at Natsumi! That is the best yogurt for people who actually want something besides a rush of sweetness. From the chains, my vote is for pinkberry – good texture and flavors, good service, and the fruit toppings always seem fresh.

  • Paul

    So I hate to say it but a TCBY swirl is still the best for flavor in my opinion (a male’s).

  • Clutch

    Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt in Grapevine just opened and has the Red Velvet Cake, which Ive never seen before. Im a guy and I want to put my mouth to the nozzle and drain it. Oh geez!

  • Brad

    Heidi’s Frogen Yozurt circa 1990. That’s the last time I ate frozen yogurt. Really, that’s the last time anyone should have eaten frozen yogurt.

  • Megan

    Red Mango — Plain with Banana and Raspberries

  • Just J

    Pinkberry 100%, Dude 100%. Here’s how it goes, as recently as last night: I drive west down Royal Ln, come to the stop light, and see Pinkberry. Didn’t have it in mind prior to coming to the intersection. As I sit there, my truck begins to pull to the right. Alignment issues? No. Divine intervention by the yogurt gods? Highly likely. So I pull into the parking lot, and think about it. Sometimes, I actually fight the urge and leave. Last night, I allowed myself to order my favorite: Plain coconut, no toppings. And, at 9 p.m., there was a line 12 deep…about 50/50 dudes to chicks.

  • Jenny

    I haven’t tried it but I have heard from alot of people that IKEA’s frozen yogurt is really really good. I think it costs $.50 too. Anyone else tried it?

  • John

    Berryberry makes me sick and doesnt taste very good. It was just the first in the area. It was comical listening to the owner talk about it like he invented the idea rather than copying the trend.

  • Candy, you’re my hero! I’m an I Heart Yogurt + booze gal as well. Nothing goes better with vanilla and crushed oreos than a nice pour of Bailey’s right on top…

    I’ve been cheating quite often, though, with Yumilicious since it’s way closer.

  • Kristin

    The best yogurt spot, by far, in the Dallas area is Yogurtville. I’ve tried all of the other places listed, and Yogurtville in Plano has the largest selection on toppings, which to me is VERY important, and great flavors! If anyone lives in the Plano area it is a must try!

  • AC

    As a true yogilicious addict from the very beginning when then opened, they still are at the top of my list. The older man in there who is always cleaning and helping is such a nice, friendly face. Surprised no one mentioned him! He’s so sweet. Now i did have to try the pinkberry when it opened, and i must say the yogurt is really, really good and the toppings are pretty high caliber. The workers are really into the place too. Maybe a little too much. But…my heart lies with yogilicious b/c they’ve been there way before all these others popped up. YOGILICIOUS!!! Cake batter with colored sprinkles.

  • N

    Blue Bell Ice Cream is the main way to go, but if I must go lower fat, Paciugo would be next. Out of sheer desperation, hypoglycemia and total hunger only would I have frozen yogurt. And it would have to be Orange Orange, the fictional yogurt shop from the TV show “Chuck.” Yvonne Strahovski is too hot to resist.

  • laurie

    I thought yogi/yumalicious had a chemical taste to it. I think the best is Menchie’s in Highland Park Village. I like tart flavors and think their original is best, followed by Pinkberry’s. The worst one of the bunch is Red Mango.

    For all you self-serve phobics, just wash your hands after paying/eating, use the often-displayed sanitizer, or use a napkin to keep your hands off the handles/spoons. Most people use a spoon and not their hands to eat it with.

  • Limestar

    I HEART YOGURT Rocks! My daughter luvs the organic rasberry. I am fond of the birthday cake.

  • kipy

    I prefer self-serve because it’s a better value. I can get a small portion with some fruit for $2 at Yogurtland in Koreatown.

    I also like PinkBerry’s pomegranate. Red Mango is ok, OrangeCup is not.