Office Argument: Best Frozen Yogurt in Dallas

Yesterday, all the gals here at D headquarters were jonsing for frozen yogurt. We wondered why there wasn’t a froyo shop across the street (we are very lazy). Then we got into a spirited discussion about frozen yogurt. No secret I am addicted to chocolate Pinkberry. Raya and Ryan also like Pinkberry. Jennifer loves the zum flavor at Orange Cup (I think it sucks and their packaging for to-go-froyo kills many trees). The smart girls, and by smart I mean they are grammarian copy-editor types, Allison, Kristiana, and Krista, swear by Yumilicious. Allison loves the red velvet and cake batter; Krista goes for the raspberry and plain.

So here’s the (cheap) question: Name your favorite shop and flavor. (BTW, I don’t think any froyo should taste like a cake or a raw cookie. Bad food cross-dressing.) Also, why don’t boys like frozen yogurt?