Fundraiser at Double Wide Benefits Greenville Ave.Employee Who Lost Their Jobs in Fire

Man about town, Rawlins Gilliland, attended a fundraising event at Double Wide on Sunday night. He was so moved he sent this recap.

Last night’s fundraiser at the Doublewide that supported the employees of the four restaurant bars on Lower Greenville whose jobs were lost in last week’s fire. At 8:45, Angela Hunt arrived, in the last weeks of her pregnancy, speaking to the gathered and donating $500 of her personal money which was amazing. Then the auctions—- which included balloon rides over Dallas— and karaoke went on to raise several thousand dollars more, I heard between $7-8,000. The party didn’t wind until the lights came on at last call.  Host MC Reid Robinson was a great glue that kept the gig going throughout, singing a cover of Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ to the smashed-mouthed late crowd and everyone had a ball. I sang two songs (Hank William’s ‘I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You and Dobie Bros. ‘Minute by Minute’)and had 3 Blue Moons.  It’s great that in a short time this was tossed together. Hopefully, it’s the first of several fundraisers for this worthwhile group of shell-shocked service industry pros.


  • Tommy

    Yea! Why aren’t the Dishers doing something like this. I’ll take the first two seats and make the first $500 donation. Nancy, what say you?

  • Bowie’s Secret Lover

    Rawlins – “China Girl” is actually an Iggy Pop song that was covered by his very close friend, Iggy Pop.

    Spell check – Doobie, not Dobie.

    3 beers may make you legally intoxicated. Hope you did not drive.

    Also, you forgot to rant about the physical parameters of Pleasant Grove.

  • BSL – Actually “China Girl” was co-written by Bowie and Pop and recorded by both.

  • Cafe Brazil is offering any employee of Terilli’s, Hurricane Grill, Mick’s or GBG a free entree a their lower Greenville store until March 31. Just bring in a paycheck stub to prove employment. It’s great to see so many businesses and people rally around those affected by this tragedy!

  • amanda

    This is WHY I LOVE RAWLINS. He has a finger on the pulse of the city, and I’m sorry I missed his singing. Sure, maybe he can’t spell after 3 beers, but I bet he and Mona hit the woods early.

    THANK YOU, Dallas for supporting the LG employees. It’s beautiful.

    I would absolutely donate to a Dallas Dish fund…I live out of town now, so I vote PayPal…

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Folks: One can still donate. The bank across the street from the burned businesses is handling the account. And it is meaningful for us to not forget these people once the tragedy becomes yesterday’s news.

    Meanwhile ‘Bowie’s Secret Lover’ (Iman says ‘you wish’): 3 Blue Moons in a 4 hr. period is hardly inebriating to me.
    Conversely, being anonymous is clearly intoxicating to you. Salud!