Explanation: Kessler X+

Kevin Smothers of Pulse Publicity in Austin sent out a press release about Nova yesterday. In it, he referred to the neighborhood as Kessler X+. Today, he sends an email to explain the origin of the moniker.

I promise we didn’t make up the Kessler X+ moniker on our own. Here’s a little background: KERA Arts and Seek blog.

Kevin also promises to update us on J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge on Henderson. Or SoEaHen. What’s the quirky name for your neck of the woods. Hmm, let’s see I live near Northwest Highway and Midway…NoWay? Go.


  • O.I.C.

    Well that’s clear as a bell.

  • tx2step

    I live near Forest & Midway. ForWay or MidRest?

  • Kirk

    The border of The Colony and Lewisville: ColonVille.

  • Nice!

  • Steven Doyle

    Is it scary that Nancy and I appear to be neighbors? Was that you at the old Jeramia’s on NW Hwy?

  • No, I hang out at Bongo’s so I can watch the gals at the drive through beer joint. They dance around in hot pants!

  • CMS

    His attribution (the KERA blog) repeatedly says Oak Cliff’s X+ neighborhood, not Kessler X+.

  • Steven Doyle

    Ah love the Bongos till he stopped serving breakfast. Besides there are better beer girls on Webbs Chapel. Aiyeeeee…

  • Bongo’s delivers too!

  • sausage on a stick

    What’s with all the trendy renaming of areas? Uptown was apparently the first, now Oak Cliff X+/Kessler X+??
    Are some marketing types bored at work? I personally like Oak Cliff/North oak Cliff just fine. As someone who has lived in Kessler Park, I didn’t think Davis was considered Kessler Park. Just venting at this apparent stupidity.

  • FYI: The name X+ wasn’t created by a “bored marketing type”. I thought of it almost twenty years ago, when I lived in an upstairs loft space at the corner of Tyler Street and Seventh. When I would explain to my friends from other parts of Dallas how to get to my apartment, I would say “Take I 30 west to Sylvan, then south to Kings Highway, where you turn left and head straight through the intersection where it crosses Davis like an “X” to where it dead ends at the “+” intersection at Seventh and Tyler.

    After a while, my friends and I just started calling it “X+” for short.

    When I moved back to the neighborhood in early 2009, I struck up friendships with some of the gallery owners and retailers that lived on my old intersection. They explained to me that they were having a hard time coming up for a name and identity for the neighborhood (something clearly separate from Bishop Arts District), so I suggested the old nickname that we had for the block during the early 90’s.

    Now that I’m trying to help explain to the rest of the city the location of the newly renovated and restored Kessler Theater (where I book the music and art shows) the “X+” intersection has proven to be the best landmark to help non-Cliff dwellers realize that they are in the right place. We look at it like X+ is everything within walking distance of where Kings Highway crosses Davis – from Nova and The Kessler Theater a hundred yards down on the west, to Bolsa and Gloria’s a quarter of a mile east.

    Not at all a trendy renaming of anything, merely a nickname for the closest thing we have to a landmark in the West Davis Street/Tyler Street/Seventh Street area.

    Jeffrey Liles
    Kessler Theater

    PS – Isn’t Modern Luxury Dallas one of your sister publications? Mark Stuertz wrote a great story on X+ in this month’s issue.