Chef Casey Thompson Returns To Texas As Executive Chef of Fort Worth’s Brownstone

Casey, come home!

This just in:

Chef Casey Thompson always envisioned returning to Texas if the right project came along.  Well get ready Fort Worth, Casey Thompson is back as executive chef of Brownstone, and returning to her childhood roots with a menu specializing in southern-inspired cuisine.  Opening in early May, Brownstone is located in the new West 7th development in Fort Worth.

Must read: You all remember Casey, right? Extra, extra read more about her below. (Well, you know what I mean.)


Inspired by traditional family-style recipes and time-honored techniques, Chef Thompson’s menu captures the essence of the south’s unique culinary flair with dishes comprised of the freshest regional ingredients ranging from familiar and classic to modern interpretations.  As Chef Thompson notes, “it’s the food you grew up loving”.

Brownstone’s menu is comprised of small plates for sharing as well as heavier faire and a selection of sides that utilize organic and locally farmed produce and meats whenever possible.  The small plates selection features southern-style specialties that include Grandmother’s Biscuit Pan made-to-order from a wood-burning oven served with fruit preserves and venison sausage; Pork and Peppers made with blistered baby bells, ricotta, slab bacon, Texas honey and jalapeno oil; a selection of fire-baked Chicken Pot Pies; and Texas BBQ Smoked Pork “Rib-lets” served with rib candy and house-made sauce.

Diners wanting heartier options will enjoy dishes such as Buffalo Skillet Steak served with rosemary-thyme roasted mushrooms and creamed spinach and Tart Cherry and Wine Braised Pork slow cooked and falling apart over spoonbread.

Patrons can also select from a plethora of sides that include pickled vegetable jars; waffle fries and mayonnaise; and slow cooked heirloom pinto beans and bread.


Brownstone will offer a wide variety of culinary-inspired specialty cocktails and martinis made with fresh local produce, purees and herbs with ingredients ranging from agave nectar to tarragon and thyme, and local peppers and spices.  Playing off Chef Thompson’s southern-inspired cuisine, Brownstone’s drink menu will offer modern versions of classic American cocktails as well as custom creations with a special twist.

Brownstone’s wine list will consist of a broad range of moderately priced eclectic wines with local and global selections offering both new world styles with old world favorites.


Brownstone’s timeless décor features rich, warm tones throughout the restaurant’s dining room, intimate library and bar.  The overall atmosphere was designed to convey the feeling of being welcomed as a guest into the home of an old friend.

Upon arrival at Brownstone, guests pass through an expansive fenced in open-air patio.  After entering the restaurant, diners can choose to be seated in the main dining room or grab a comfy chair in the library while enjoying the large fireplace.  Designed to remind people of the comfort of home, the library is a warm and inviting space filled with casual, cozy furniture in rich colors of chocolate brown, deep reds and royal blues.  An ensemble of sectionals, ottomans and cocktail tables allows guests to mingle while enjoying cocktails and small plates.  The focal point of the room is a wall of custom built-in bookcases filled with antique books and memorabilia on cooking and travel.  A chandelier spanning seven feet made of steel frame rods serves as the room’s centerpiece.  Complementing the space are brick columns and windows with sheer bronze drapery.

The main dining room is a mix of textures including stained concrete floors, brown leather banquettes and wooden tables and chairs.  The room’s floor-to-ceiling windows are covered with sheer bronze drapery, complimenting the sandstone colored walls and brick columns that frame the room.  Just off the main dining room, separated by wood panel doors, is a private dining room with wall-to-wall cabinetry that houses the restaurant’s wine selection.  The private dining room seats up to 20 guests and offers full audiovisual capabilities.

The focal point of the Brownstone bar is the dark emperador marble topped bar with antique mirrored front.  The space features two custom-designed chandeliers surrounded by decorative ceiling panels.  Comfortable brown leather booths and high top tables provide a place for guests to enjoy Brownstone’s seasonal culinary cocktail creations.


Brownstone is the latest restaurant project from the Sameni Entertainment Group (SEG).  The management team is comprised of Operating Partner Sam Sameni, Director of Operations Susie Ware and Beverage Director Steve Buchner.  The interior of Brownstone is the vision of Hatsumi Kuzuu of Kuzuu Designs in conjunction with Matthew Giese


  • Kym

    Ummmm…looks like she must have finally burned some bridges in Cali…too bad for Ft. Worth!

  • Poodle

    I like Casey and her food and look forward to trying it.

  • Yeah Kym, that MUST be it. She either burned all of her Cali bridges or there’s no f-ing way she would ever want to come back to TX. What a brilliant and well thought out post. Welcome back Casey.

  • James

    So in other words, it’s going to be just like Tillman’s Roadhouse which is already located in West 7th? On another note, these are the type of restaurants that could have made Victory Park a success!

  • Td

    Good to know another Texas Chef is helping bring back positive energy to the fine dining scene. Sounds like a good thing for business, foodies and Ft Worth.

    The use of the photo seems inappropriate for such a nice article. I wonder, did Casey provide that for the article or give permission? Or was this a professional editorial decision?

  • Chef, Esq.

    If she wears that outfit Brownstone could be the latest “breastaurant.” A sure way to drive traffic to the place. When can I get reservations??

  • amy

    Shame on you D, what is the purpose of that pic?

    It makes you guys look cheaper than you already are.
    I guess casey has never bought ad’s in your mag and thats why you act like a hater.
    We all know that you guys sell for PR- SELL OUTS!

  • The purpose of that picture is to have some fun. We ran it last year and Casey thought it was funny. So glad you know so much about our business, Amy. We are happy to have Casey back in the Dallas. D and SideDish have had a long relationship with Ms. Thompson.

  • Kym

    Oh Snooty Foodie you crack me up! I’m sticking with the fact that Casey didn’t have success in Cali (they see a lot of women in bikinis there) and she’s hightailing it back here because she still has followers such as yourself. Happens to lots of 2nd rate cooks.

  • sausage on a stick

    Hopefully the “Rock Star” personality will be left behind in CA. Good luck Casey. Keep us posted Nancy.

  • s

    I’m glad she’s back…i’ve also got a pic of her at the grapevine bar standing on a chair with one of the funky lights she is putting on her head…she must like doing this a lot…lol CHEERS!

  • Joeli

    Happy she is coming back this way – can’t wait to try her new place. She has been featured on this blog numerous times and seems quick to laugh at herself. She was great at Shinsei but this seems like it suits her even better. Good luck!

  • foodlover

    NN, shouldn’t this blog be about food, and not relationships? I personally, am glad she is back, but why don’t you try to be fair with other restaurateurs…..AFTER you’ve tasted it! Or is this blog just about relationships, because I will just pickup the Globe or Star………………..

  • Foodlover, what are you talking about? I copy and pasted a press release about her coming back? How was I not fair? Casey is more than a chef, she is a personality. She went on national TV and reported on this blog while she was on TV. We have supported Casey and written about her in the magazine and on this blog many times.

  • foodlover

    Apparently nothing. My comment is this…… this a blog about food or about drama and relationships? I sometimes read your stuff, but rarely agree because you write about everything but the food sometimes. Also, why do you take Chefs with you to do other restaurants reviews………is that really a fair assessment of YOUR views as a (food) critic? Apparently, your blog is predominantly about creating drama to increase followers…………and we wonder why Dallas isn’t always taken serious sometimes by the national media!