Another Yogurt District? My Cherry Frozen Yogurt to Open in Carrollton

We all know too much about the yogurt district in Uptown, but I think I may have stumbled on another emerging in Carrollton. I just stopped into Super H-Mart for weekend supplies and spied My Cherry frozen yogurt shop going in right behind Cobb Switch BBQ. That could be bad news for the folks doing a great job across the parking lot at Yogurtland. Anywhoo, things were hopping at H-Mart—there was a kookie guy dressed up in funny clothes dancing around a table chopping up fresh Korean candy. Also found a bargain on bones–.99 cents a pound.


  • air

    I thought two fro yo shops in that area was already a lot. Theres one a few miles north of Hmart called yogurtville, its also self serve.

  • SAM

    H-Mart is the best! I think there’s enough love for the frozen stuff that they can co-exist. Maybe there will be some fun competition in the parking lot between the two places.

  • Neal

    There’s also a new one being built on the northwest corner Park and Preston in Plano named Yolicious. That will make 3 self serve yogurt stores within a mile of one an other. There’s a Yougurtville at the northeast corner of the same intersection and another shop at Coit and Park.

  • laurie

    Within two miles of my house near Preston and Lovers, I get to choose from not one but two Red Mangoes, two Orange Cups, two I heart Yogurts, Menchies, two Paciugos, Baskin and Robbins and Marble Slab. Pinkberry is three miles. How many places can one city support?

  • Stephen

    @laurie, please send one to Oak Cliff…we’re yogurt deprived.

  • JEM

    There’s also a new yog place less than 2 miles north of H-Mart at Frankford and Old Denton called Yo Love. They have a delicious Red Velvet Cake flavor.