Update on Matthew Antonovich Restaurant in “Dallas’ Most Exciting Neighborhood”

Hey kids in the peanut gallery! Matthew Anonovich wants to hear you sing!
Hey kids in the peanut gallery! Matthew Antonovich wants to hear you sing!

Chef Matthew “Sipango,etc.” Antonovich is planning to open a ginormous “first Thai steakhouse in America” in a yet undisclosed location. More details here. The concept sounds bizarre/overly ambitious, but chef Matthew won me over with this money quote: “God bless the recession I have found great deals on equipment, designers and food service experts hungry to put Dallas back on the map of best restaurants in America.”

Anywhoo, last night at 10:24, Antonovich left a comment on an old post with an update. He says:

I am happy to say I am continuing with final lease negotiations with a fantastic landlord and developer of Dallas’s most exciting neighborhood. I have plans to open my 12,000 square foot restaurant that will house a first of its kind “Prime” Thai Steak House, Live Entertainment “Sipango Style”, a casual dining room with under $15 small plate courses, A Sushi Bar, Asian Noodle Bar, Indian Dine up Counter, location to be disclosed soon. Hint 6 minutes from Highlands Ranch. I am so happy that people are interested. My partners love the free press so any comments are welcome, especially from the peanut gallery.

A 12,000-square-foot global confusion restaurant six miles from this Highlands Ranch? I’m not sure. This would mean that “Dallas’ most exciting neighborhood” is in Denton County.  But I’d bet you knuckleheads in the peanut gallery know Highlands Ranch. Enlighten me.