Teresa Gubbins is Tossed Out of Tutti Frutti in Richardson

No wonder TG has 856 friends on Facebook.

I’m a little late to the PegasusNews party hosted by Teresa “Gumshoe” Gubbins. She has written an enlightening essay on the proliferation of food photography in public restaurants. It’s a great subject for debate. Apparently some restaurants have a “NO PHOTOS” policy while others are “flattered.” Gubbins is now my heroine—she managed to get thrown out of a frozen yogurt store in Richardson and used the “copyrightable” on the same day. That is just pure awesomeness. How about you? Do you take pictures of your meals in restaurants? Do you believe a plate of brisket tacos is copyrightable? Have you ever been thrown out of a restaurant?


  • I take pictures of almost everything I eat, and tweet it. I may be narcissistic, or I could just be fond of a nicely plated entree.

  • mikenfrisco

    I always wondered who took the pictures of the Chinese dishes and put them on the menu. BoBo China used to have them mounted on the wall. Then I saw the exact same pictures in several Chinese restaurants. Felt kind of like it did when I found out Santa wasn’t real.

  • If this was the case, I would’ve been thrown out of many establishments in recent months. I could understand if it was inside the kitchen itself, but anything else should be fair game…it’s free PR.

    My friends and I often try new spots based on each other’s twitpics. It should be encouraged.

    Shouts to Stephan Pyles, City Tavern, and especially Jack at Maple & Motor for having no such policy.

  • Me!

    I don’t take pictures of my food, but I have been thrown out of several restaurants and Ship’s lounge.

  • I have been thrown out of bars for brawling, but never after ordering bowls full yogurt with sprinkles.

    TG needs to send in a sketch artist to draw the yogurt.

    A more odd scenario: http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/cityofate/2010/02/review_and_gallery_otaru_nippo.php#more

  • I take pictures of my food frequently for blog posts, tweets and, of course, when traveling. I love cataloging a good meal! Plus plates can have such rich colors, it makes for wonderful photos.

    I’ve never had a restaurant care if I was taking pics; however, sometimes my dining companions will be embarrassed by it. Most of my friends and colleges are used to it by now 🙂

    I love good food photography and a good food shot on a blog or twitter can definitely encourage me to check out a new dining spots. I agree with Michael, it’s great free PR!

  • Kym

    OMG – that is the most newsworthy thing I have heard all week — Alert the media!!!! Oh wait…you are the media.

  • drivinbrad

    A lot of these new self service yogurt shops have no photo policies. I find it kind of ironic since every one looks exactly the same, most of them use the same yogurt supplier, and most of them are knocking off another shop down the street, yet they don’t want someone taking pictures of their shop.

  • I take photos, but I try to do it discreetly. I still feel a little nervous taking them as I don’t want to disturb other diners or bring unwanted attention to my table.

    It really depends on how much I’ve had to drink by the time my meal arrives…

  • tinman

    ***I take pictures of almost everything I eat, and tweet it. I may be narcissistic, or I could just be fond of a nicely plated entree***

    Now I know why I hate tweeters. Do you think people want to see pictures of every entree you eat? How self-important can one person be???

  • I am a photographer and foodie so naturally I take pictures of my food. Started some years ago when little digital cameras became good at doing close-ups. I now use a Lumix LX3 which has a great, fast lens which allows non-flash shots in fairly dark surroundings.

    Photo wise I know what I’m doing so I usually get a good shot. I would not post anything on my blog that made a restaurant look bad, unless it actually was bad. Just last night I was showing my wife how to make her Appletini at Zen Sushi look even more yummy!