Restaurant Soap Operas: Avila’s and Antonovich, Take Infinity

Stay tuned to the “As the Taco Turns” story going on over at Avila’s on Maple Avenue. All future updates will take place here. Not. Pretty.

Also, chef Matthew “Fingers of  TIE Flurry” Antonovich is giving Robert Wilonsky a run for his typing money. This morning comes another lengthy revision of his soon-to-open concept which has morphed from a Thai Steakhouse to a tavern. The end result will be located “just a drive by the Arts, the American Airlines Event Center, Dallas World Trade Center and Dallas Market.” It’s all below.

PRESS RELEASE: February 10, 2010, DALLAS, TX
TIE TAVERN & STREET GRILLE the Restaurant & TIE BAR an urban/suburban neighborhood social club with live entertainment is in its final lease negotiations with a Dallas real estate development group.  The location will be provided upon the signing of the lease and national press release coordinated with the landlord and TIE President and Founder Matthew Antonovich.
In a press statement released by Matthew Antonovich he stated “We are just six minutes off the toll way from the Park Cities and just minutes to Uptown Turtle Creek and Downtown.  The conveniently located new 12,000 square foot mega-restaurant & social club is just a drive by the Arts, the American Airlines Event Center, Dallas World Trade Center and Dallas Market.
Guests will be able stop by for a pre game dinner in our TIE TAVERN or after game drink celebration at the TIE BAR to enjoy our live “Big Band” Entertainment.  There are two distinct dining styles offered at the restaurant which will feature “World Melting Pot Cuisine”.
The first dining option for guests will be in our traditional dining room at TIE TAVERN featuring a large community bar with seating for 48 to enjoy a quick business lunch or for local 20’s-30’s hip residents from the local neighborhood in the evening.  The tavern will host a piano bar and additional banquet style seating for 60 guests overlooking the Dallas city skyline through large windows to view a spectacular night view of Dallas.   TIE STREET GRILLEour second and largest dining room will offer “Street Foods” from Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other interesting cuisines around the globe.  This “Melting Pot of Cuisines” will offer small plate foods under $20 and provide a fun and adventurous menu for guests wanting to graze at our “Street Food Counter” with diner style seating to watch our chefs cooking “Culinary Theatre Style Dining” at our “Display Kitchen Counters”.  Additional dining for 100 will offer guests both the Tavern menu and Street Food fare.  Chefs in the “Tie Street Grille” will prepare dishes using Chinese Woks, Tandoor Indian Ovens, Imported Clay Italian Pizza Ovens, and Hard Wood Grills, to serve authentic “Melting Pot of Cuisines” and foods that are light and healthy from “Farm to Table”.  The “Street Grille” will feature a “Noodle Bar menu”, “Indian Street Foods”, and “Gourmet Pizza” all with diner type seating.  The food at the “Street Grille” will represent foods primarily found from street vendors in “Thailand, Singapore & Hong Kong, Japan and India”.  Signature menu items will include traditional Naan Breads and Chicken Tika Masala cooked in a special “Tandoor Oven”, “Wood Fired Pizza” “Sipango Style”, with modern culinary interpretations at the “Chinese Wok Station” of Lobster Pad Thai, Lemongrass Veal Chops and Kobe Beef topped with Vietnamese Dungeness Crab Stir-fry.  Other elements that will add a carnival of “Inspired Cooking” will be a neighborhood “Japanese Sushi Bar” that is located across from the Live Entertainment Stage which will feature top “Live Entertainment”.  Guests will have a chance to see “Big Bands” at the Tie Bar created to offer a “New York Off Broadway” “Supper Club” feel in the clubby lounge type dining”.   Matthew Antonovich quotes “The project is 8 years in the making, my modern version of Sipango which I was co-founder and chef of 17 years ago. This is what Sipango would look like today.  So everyone is invited to come on and “TIE One On” at TIE TAVERN & STREET GRILL.  Yes we will have a club “BANG DISCO”, Yep 1980’s Retro for the baby boomers.  We still like to “TIE One On”.


  • Miltdown Man

    This man needs medication and counseling, in that order.

  • Brent D.

    Thai Steakhouse to a tavern to Tie Tavern and Street Grill? Someone is drinking from the Cal Roast Beef Kool-Aid jar.

  • cbs

    someone please give this man a PR man’s # ASAP.

  • Feldmarschall Paulus

    “Carnival” is right. The only ones that will be making money off this are going to be those publishing the hilarious reviews.

    Will this place also have a Mos Eisley Cantina where the TIE fighter pilots can chase the fickle 500?

    Who’s an investor in this, Mordan Stefanov?

  • Not a PR guru…

    So, this is actually a press release about a then-unpublished press release. Interesting.

    61. Does anyone know what this number represents related to that PR?

  • Thai Stick Please

    On a three year lease, I think I want the first 35 months rent in advance.

  • Charm Offensive

    color me skeptical…

  • bluebird

    trying to think of where the hell this could be. 12,000 square feet that’s “just a drive by the Arts, the AAC, World Trade Center, and Dallas Market” and 6 minutes up the tollway to the PARK CITIES mecca… somewhere on harry hines? maple and fitzhugh? are there any 12K-sq-ft vacant buildings just waiting for deliverance? oh how long until the final lease negotiations are complete, pant pant

  • My first guess was the old Smith & Wollensky spot on the Tollway. But I can’t imagine lease negotiations for that space taking more than 5 minutes.

  • b

    My Guess this restaurant will never see the light of day.
    The only problem is now we are stuck with Matthew, maybe Del Frisco’s will need a good broiler guy…..

  • Knox Harrington

    and the band played on………………

  • Limestar

    If this were really a possibility. I would venture a guess near the design district, that area south of Oaklawn and 35.

  • Nancy Nichols, DMagazine, thanks for your interst in my project, you asked, I answered, lets do lunch, maybe go dancing face to face. Since print is so fun and free. TIE, maybe called just TIE or TIE GRILLE, TIE THAI, TIE TIE, TIE ONE ON, TIE CAFE, TIE TAVERNA, TIE RESTAURANT, or JUST TIE the “Brand”, or Something else. As for marketing Chef Matthew Antonovich or TIE the restaurant, the press is on, its free publicity and your interest is amazing. Any press is free and good for the “Brand” recognition. I am a Brand, maybe a Gary Busy type, but a Brand never the less. As for TIE it is now a “Brand” before the first brick is up. Thanks to the bloogers eating thier fast food in thier undies that never would come anyway. That was my intention. To get my “Brand” noticed. Keep writing anything, I love it. My “Brand” loves it. “TIE One On” for me until we talk again.

  • For those of you who remember Sipango – and from the tone of your blogs it must not be too many – it was one of the best places to eat, drink and dance that Dallas’ has ever seen. Seems to me that if any of you had done anything close to that successful in your life you would not be knocking a concept that is sure to be something just as exciting. Dallas thrives on its night life thanks to the lack of natural resources other than the Trinity River Moat, I applaud another venue as well as the guts it takes to execute. Bring it on Matt and here’s to great success.

  • Admiral Marty

    Are you going to do the Wednesday night Havana Boyz, I love those Bongo’s. And the first Wednesday of the month, International Latin night?

  • Kris

    At least this guy’s quotation mark key isn’t broken. Wow.

  • whatever

    Wow, quotation key working, spell-check, not so much. What an ignorant, assumptive thing to think that “bloogers” are limited to people eating fast food in their underwear. Guess this jerk-off has yet to learn that these blogs are actually pretty powerful stuff, not just “free press”. I don’t think this particular set of jerks deserve any more “free press” on this site or any others, and they damn sure won’t be getting a visit from me or any of my 20-something crowd. There are too many good restaurants in this city run by good people to waste a Friday or Saturday night on this set of clowns and their “brand”.

  • G Bertram

    3:1 odds against this place ever even opening….12:1 odds that if it does, it closes within the first year. I’ll take ALL bets!!!

    Whoever his money man is better be ready to be writing checks for $100K/month to keep the place open. WHO OPENS A PLACE LIKE THIS right now?????

  • whatever

    I’ll tell ya who opens a restaurant like that right now, a sarcastic little jerk who insults potential patrons commenting on a food blog managed by D magazine. He could have used that space to sell his idea and make the people reading this want to give him a shot. LOL, the whole thing is comical, Antonovich is very obviously a nut-case.

  • mr.z

    What is comical, is you bloggers, who don’t have a freakin clue about restaurants, or the night club biz. Only Tom Green got it right. Hello people this is a Super Bowl year for Dallas, and people still love to party, eat, and dance to live entertainment. So for you twenty year olds, 30k a year million airs,Deep Ellum and Dave and Busters, and lower Greenville Av. is where you need to be anyway. And for you Jimmy the Greek,the odds of you paying up are zero.

  • Hummingbird Marketing and Branding Development, Inc.

    It takes confidence, conviction and fearless intuition, never mind the experience of being involved in 25+ restaurants over the years to create a concept that will be a perfect addition to Dallas nightlife. My take on the fact that Chef Antonovich is sharing about his new venture means it’s happening and he is excited and enthusiastic. He’s got my attention;
    Can’t wait to hear more……

  • Karma daBiotch

    @Antonovich-Green-mr.z and what ever other Sybil character you desire to portay:

    I wish you the very best with this venture should it ever fly. I see on other blogs you are adding more to this mix as people mention ideas.

    Sounds like you went to Samar and feel left out.

    If you think you are being attacked, it is because you come off as a tard. To get defensive and bombard what would have been your culinary audience is insanity. Food bloggers and readers of food blogs DINE AS AN AVOCATION AND SPEND BIG BUCKS. They are also made up of major players in the business you wish to be in.

    If you have any backers at all, implore them to cut loose a few sheckles to invest into a PR firm to clean your up your stink (see Jeffrey Yarbrough at BigInk). This all makes for a whimsical read on a snowy Saturday afternoon, but it is sad.

    I would also look into getting that prescription for Ritalin refilled, turn on spell check, think about writing in paragraphs, check the mail to see if your GED has arrived and put the bottle down.

    Good luck.

  • patsy

    That was a fine press release Mathew. I remember my 30th birthday party at Sipango, we had a wonderful time. Looking forward to your next restaurant in Dallas.

  • MzK

    Wow! I have been to Chef Antonovich’s restaurants, Sipango in partiular….. Best of luck on this new venture. Will look forward to the grand opening!!

  • Patty

    Did Terri Provencale write this press release?

  • Karen

    What a pathetic moron.

  • Camp

    I’m all for freedom of speech, however, thought this blog was about food…. Those of you who have a personal vendetta against this man should take it elsewhere. It is always easier to remember the bad stuff…. However, those of us who have experienced failure know that is the price or risk we pay for success…..

  • sausage on a stick

    Is this possibly the old Che place? I know I read about that spot not too long ago, but reading this post is too much fun to go investigate! If it is, well enough said. If not, is there another empty building in an industrial lot nearby that will house this Phoenix? I’ll giver it six months wherever it may be.

  • Carmen Polovok

    As a constant lurker to many of the foodie blogs in this city I might add that any agreession towards the chef is his own doing. Not only did he put out amatuerish press release(s) he attacked the dining public as one previously noted above me.

    Whatever grief Antonovich has received is his own doing, and much to his chagrin, this is the type of bad publicity that will not illicit future diners should he actually come through with his farfetched concept.

    I use my own name, I am a local caterer for the past 23 years, and I have a difficult time swallowing the chef’s concept as viable. The amount of revenue necessary to pull something this grandiose off in this economy would need to be lead by a team of professionals that not only can be creative in the kitchen, but be creative in generating funding (along with many more aspects to a restaurant concept start up). I do not see Anotnovich as possessing that major ability as he has no concept of basic sentence structure or business acumin.

    I say all this as one who indeed was involved in the “scene” that Sipango was part of (and a certain attached after hours club) as many other venues in the Uptown community.

  • Pad Thai

    As someone who has followed your career Mr. M., it is sad to see that you have sunk this low. You embarrass me. I hope for your sake something happens soon. In your own words….”getta job!”

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