Restaurant Soap Operas: Avila’s and Antonovich, Take Infinity

Stay tuned to the “As the Taco Turns” story going on over at Avila’s on Maple Avenue. All future updates will take place here. Not. Pretty.

Also, chef Matthew “Fingers of  TIE Flurry” Antonovich is giving Robert Wilonsky a run for his typing money. This morning comes another lengthy revision of his soon-to-open concept which has morphed from a Thai Steakhouse to a tavern. The end result will be located “just a drive by the Arts, the American Airlines Event Center, Dallas World Trade Center and Dallas Market.” It’s all below.

PRESS RELEASE: February 10, 2010, DALLAS, TX
TIE TAVERN & STREET GRILLE the Restaurant & TIE BAR an urban/suburban neighborhood social club with live entertainment is in its final lease negotiations with a Dallas real estate development group.  The location will be provided upon the signing of the lease and national press release coordinated with the landlord and TIE President and Founder Matthew Antonovich.
In a press statement released by Matthew Antonovich he stated “We are just six minutes off the toll way from the Park Cities and just minutes to Uptown Turtle Creek and Downtown.  The conveniently located new 12,000 square foot mega-restaurant & social club is just a drive by the Arts, the American Airlines Event Center, Dallas World Trade Center and Dallas Market.
Guests will be able stop by for a pre game dinner in our TIE TAVERN or after game drink celebration at the TIE BAR to enjoy our live “Big Band” Entertainment.  There are two distinct dining styles offered at the restaurant which will feature “World Melting Pot Cuisine”.
The first dining option for guests will be in our traditional dining room at TIE TAVERN featuring a large community bar with seating for 48 to enjoy a quick business lunch or for local 20’s-30’s hip residents from the local neighborhood in the evening.  The tavern will host a piano bar and additional banquet style seating for 60 guests overlooking the Dallas city skyline through large windows to view a spectacular night view of Dallas.   TIE STREET GRILLEour second and largest dining room will offer “Street Foods” from Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other interesting cuisines around the globe.  This “Melting Pot of Cuisines” will offer small plate foods under $20 and provide a fun and adventurous menu for guests wanting to graze at our “Street Food Counter” with diner style seating to watch our chefs cooking “Culinary Theatre Style Dining” at our “Display Kitchen Counters”.  Additional dining for 100 will offer guests both the Tavern menu and Street Food fare.  Chefs in the “Tie Street Grille” will prepare dishes using Chinese Woks, Tandoor Indian Ovens, Imported Clay Italian Pizza Ovens, and Hard Wood Grills, to serve authentic “Melting Pot of Cuisines” and foods that are light and healthy from “Farm to Table”.  The “Street Grille” will feature a “Noodle Bar menu”, “Indian Street Foods”, and “Gourmet Pizza” all with diner type seating.  The food at the “Street Grille” will represent foods primarily found from street vendors in “Thailand, Singapore & Hong Kong, Japan and India”.  Signature menu items will include traditional Naan Breads and Chicken Tika Masala cooked in a special “Tandoor Oven”, “Wood Fired Pizza” “Sipango Style”, with modern culinary interpretations at the “Chinese Wok Station” of Lobster Pad Thai, Lemongrass Veal Chops and Kobe Beef topped with Vietnamese Dungeness Crab Stir-fry.  Other elements that will add a carnival of “Inspired Cooking” will be a neighborhood “Japanese Sushi Bar” that is located across from the Live Entertainment Stage which will feature top “Live Entertainment”.  Guests will have a chance to see “Big Bands” at the Tie Bar created to offer a “New York Off Broadway” “Supper Club” feel in the clubby lounge type dining”.   Matthew Antonovich quotes “The project is 8 years in the making, my modern version of Sipango which I was co-founder and chef of 17 years ago. This is what Sipango would look like today.  So everyone is invited to come on and “TIE One On” at TIE TAVERN & STREET GRILL.  Yes we will have a club “BANG DISCO”, Yep 1980’s Retro for the baby boomers.  We still like to “TIE One On”.