Restaurant Review: Norma’s Café in North Dallas

Pancakes at Norma's Cafe by Kevin Marple.

What a great day to eat pancakes. Breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner! Norma’s Café serves great pancakes all day. Recently, we sent Teresa Gubbins to check out the newest Norma’s in Farmers Branch North Dallas. I think she likes it.  Almost as much as Miss Yvonne really, really likes Cowboy Curtis’ jheri curl mullet.


  • kellyk

    I think she reviewed the new one in Dallas, no?
    as someone who went to the Farmers Branch one at least once a week I was surpirsed the one on the Toll was exactly the same. Same Mac & Cheese and same Catfish. They do have a larger cake selection…and the chocolate cake gets my vote over the pie.

  • I am Spartacus

    Is is true that on Feb 24, Norma’s Cafe will give you one huge free griddle cake per donated canned good, w/ no limit? That’s the rumor, per Thrillist…