NBA All-Star Weekend: Celebrity Sightings

Diddy has to eat somewhere.

If you spot a celebrity dining in a Dallas area restaurant, we want to hear about it. Servers, this is your time to spill more than the refried beans. We’ll be here all weekend. Go, eat, report. In the meantime, you can help Diddy. He’s looking for “the dopest strip club in Dallas.” Or Tweet to other visiting celebs from here.


  • Harris

    No, I won’t be looking for any “celebrity sightings” this weekend. I’m out living my life and trying to make a difference, uh kinda like “Diddy”. You know looking for the dopest strip club in Dallas. What a pathetic waste.

  • Lindsay

    Celeb sighting! Mario Lopez was spotted dining at Craft Dallas inside W Dallas-Victory last night.

  • Me

    Only 3 more days until the NBA All-Star Game goes away. It can’t get here quick enough.

  • i will be having lunch at pepe and mito’s at 1pm today.

  • mr man

    I highly doubt that Sean “Diddy” Combs will sit aside valuable time to look for a strip club. He’s a business man whose estimated value is close to a billion dollars. Don’t associate him with low class rappers or some but not all athletes. I highly doubt if Donald Trump was coming to town we would ponder which strip clubs he would visit.

  • rob

    mr man – diddy posted on his twitter account that he was seeking the dopest strip club in dallas

  • Mr Man, you are out of touch. I took that entry from Mr Buisnessman’s Twitter page. They all ponder.

  • danielle

    Does Mario lopez count as “celebrity”? And OFCOURSE diddy’s looking for strip clubs…gotta find the cast members for his new “band”.

  • Jill

    I think I saw Biz markie ( at the grocery store last night in uptown.
    He had a posse. (yes I am white) – I had to ask a co-worker who it was.
    He was signing a few autographs.
    May have been some one else though.

  • Jill

    Upon further investigation, that was definitely him; he has a concert tonight – so not just in town for the all star game.

  • Mrs NotMan

    Mr Man, if you actually believe that Diddy’s worth, even on paper, is anywhere close to a billion dollars, then your first name and middle names must be Mo and Ron.

  • Twinwillow

    Mario who?

  • shafe

    mario lopez is ac slater. come on!

  • s

    I saw my self in the mirror this morning 🙂 cheers mates…have a great one Nancy!!

  • Carolyne

    They were all over Northpark today! Many basketball players!

  • rrt

    I saw Gayle King (Oprah’s BFF) at Barneys today.

  • Tink

    I thought Biz Markie was cut down in a drive by? Also, I hope PDiddy appreciates Dallas’ beeitches and hoes.

  • the_sneeb

    Russell Simmons was randomly at Wai Wai by SMU

  • pat

    I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria having brunch at Bread Winners Cafe in uptown on sunday.

  • yeah, he was terminating some sausage and eggs when i saw him.

  • chris

    Ndamakong Suh(future no. 1 nfl draft pick) was at Kenny’s in Addison late Thursday night. Thats one big dude.

  • Tippy

    arnold was also at nobu the night before.

  • Carolyne

    I saw Arnold the Governater at the Kiels counter at Neiman’s Northpark. A few basketball players at Footlocker. Northpark was packed with people on Friday!!

  • patty

    I saw Arnold with his wife sipping tea at Village Tea near preston and forest with a crew.
    place was packed!!

  • Slick Rick

    Um, Nancy, where are the pics and reports from the D Staff? Is this what Superbowl coverage will be like, or does everyone not want to hang around the “icky NBA crowd”?