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More from Matthew on TIE Restaurant. I e-mailed him a couple of questions. How are you going to get people in Park Cities to drive to up Highlands Ranch? Is your  “Partner from Thailand Chanipun Suyamo Corcoran” related to your former Sipango partner Ron Corcoran?

Hi Nancy :),
I am so glad to here from you, I hope all is well. I have been back to Dallas for six months shopping for a location for my new restaurant concept that is 8 years in the making. Its Sipango 17 years later. The difference is my style of cooking in 1994 when we opened Sipango was California/Italian from my experience at the Hotel Bel Air where I was special events chef and my travels working in Italy at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence (thus my wood fired Tuscan Bistecca Florentina), Also at San Domenico where I learned the paper thin ravioli’s such as Asparagus Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter and at Alberto Ciarla in Rome where I fell in love with seafood and pasta combinations. I plan on opening my new concept TIE Restaruant and TIE Social Club in 2010 and am in final lease negotiations.  I will have some local Dallas investors that I have been cooking my new menu items for and thier sic support on the food and the concept is amazing. I think during this economic downturn there are opportunities to open a place that can support local and convention buisiness and grow into the community.  My style of food has changed over the last 17 years to stay current with trends and be on the pulse of what our upscale diners desire. My new cuisine is not a fusion cuisine which is not a word to describe modern mixed cuisines. I call it “Melting Pot Cuisine”. A mix of cultures rather than mixing two or more cuisines into one recipe.

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The new American dinner table consists today of more mixed cultures than ever, at our Thanksgiving table we have in our families, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Singapore, Italian, European, and generations of mixed race Americans. My cuisine now is a marriage of cultures and cuisines that I have studied and been associated with.
TIE Restaurant will focus on showcasing traditional cuisines from those countries my new American family represents. Our menu will be supported by my Partner from Thailand Chanipun Suyamo Corcoran who is an import from Thailand, she has hired chefs from Thailand, Vietnam, and Asia to run our Asian Kitchen which will have a Noodle Bar, Tandoor Indian “Diner” with diner style seating, a Sushi Bar and Wok Stations to represent “Street Foods” from Singapore, Hong Kong and India.  The menu in her Asian “Theatre Style Iron Chef” kitchens will reflect simple foods found from street vendor carts from under $15 which will reflect casual upscale dining for those who want to graze through many cuisines and cultures and have fun with dining again.  Chanipun has worked at Nandina and also Mercury grill to understand upscale American cultures and management styles. She will be instrimental in keeping the cuisines athentic and will coordinate and communicate with our Asian kitchen chefs.
Another component we have designed into the 12,000 foot mega-restaurant complex is the first that I know a “Prime” Thai Steak Room, to support fine dining and showcase not just Prime Steaks, Kobe Steaks and Exotic seafood but side dishes will represent Thailand, India and Asia. Interesting side dishes will include “Lobster Pad Thai” $25, or Lemon Basil Thai Fried Rice, Or Tagine Vegetables and Curries from India and Thailand. The Thai Steak Room will be reservations only and have a view of the downtown Dallas skyline that will showcase our fine city for local conventions. Simular to Sipango we have added a live entertainment and will feature the top local artists at our TIE Social Club which will feature a full bar. The entertainment will support our late night business to support local convention business during the week. My focus on the mix of music and entertainment is what I consider to be adult entertainment designed to mix a great food restaurant with a sophisticated entertainment program designed for Dallas and visiting guests a classy place to dine caually, formally or for business. Our investment in the project is over 1.2 million dollars and we have a 10 year lease with two 5 year options. So my mission is to create a restaurant that will grow with Dallas and provide the upscale nieghborhoods of the Park Cities, Turtle Creek and Midtown its own sweat heart restaurant.