More From Matthew Antonovich: As the TIE Restaurant Turns

I sent Matthew Antonovich an e-mail yesterday to ask him to clarify the location of his soon to open TIE restaurant, He’d mentioned Highlands Ranch. I also asked if one his chefs, Chanipun Suyamo Corcoran, is related to Ron Corcoran, Antonovich’s former partner at Sipango. Antonovich replies:

I meant Highland Park. Chanipun Suyamo Corcoran is the wife of C Francis Corcoran.  C Francis Corcoran is the brother of Ron Corcoran. Ron Corcoran was the founder and president of Travis St. Restaurants, Sipango. Ron is not associated with TIE Restaurant. C Francis Corcoran is a partner and Vice President for real estate development and security.

So the restaurant will be six miles from Highland Park.


  • joeat

    This has reached the point of being ludicrous it is all so phony – a “partner and Vice President for real estate development and security”! How laughable can you get. It seems as if this guy is getting a big kick out of puting out all this garbage.

  • ricky

    Can we stop giving this guy free advertising? He seems like total idiot. Who doesn’t know Highland Park from Highland Ranch. That’s a huge difference. He can keep his “sweat hearts” and ties.

  • Knox Harrington

    His story has more holes in it then The Albert Hall

  • Bill Kilgore

    Would Antonovich be willing to do a video interview with Andrew Chalk for SideDish?

  • DallasDude

    OMG Bill, that would be fantastic. Andrew is my new favorite guy.

    Thanks Knox for the cool Beatles reference.

    rick, I want to see this as a daily part of Side Dish.

  • s

    it is passe, but Dallas needs a Tao.

  • Ron Corcoran

    Hey Guy,s

    Chef Matthew is the real deal.Where ever he opens, the food will be great! His culinary talent put Sipango on the map in 1994. Sipango lived off his DMN four star food review until 2000 because of the chef talent he left behind.

    And where ever he opens he has full access to my who’s who contact list for what ever he needs.

    He has full support as a friend,and my blessings!

  • Thanks for all the free press, hope your hungry, I will cook again, for those who enjoy hot food and a little hot air. Seems like the bloggers are mad about something. Haven’t seen most of you in ten years or longer. So old customers must have not have much to do over the last tens years. I know one thing I have been cooking over a million meals and plan on cooking another million. Thanks for any comments. Free press is always great.

  • Admiral Marty

    Can’t wait for a place to eat and party all night. I hate bar hopping. Most of these hot air, garbage comments, were in Jr. High School 17 years ago, and have no clue who Chef Mathew Antonovich is. Keep the free press going.

  • foodlover

    Chef Antonovich you need to visit Samar because your concept sounds like Samar…. and who will be your chef???

  • In response to foodlovers comments. I love Samar and Chef Steven Pyles he is one of my favorite chefs in America. I competed daily against Steven when he owned Star Canyon and I owned Sipango. We are friends and it will be a pleasure to be cooking again in the same city as his. One thing I know I will be at his place on my days off. I continue to learn from him and be inspired. I have been working on my new concept for 8 years. So being simular may be just because we all understand the American taste for innovation. My family table is Thai, Indian, Italian, Irish, Croatia, English, and thats the kind of food I am cooking. It has nothing to do with Samar or anyone else. I do go to Steven’s restuarants to learn from him. All chef’s I know do also. He is a great mentor to us all.

  • King of Scotland

    I need Sipango.