Freebirds Announces Super Monster Burrito Eating Contest

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Calling all Man vs. Food wannabees: Freeb!rds has a challenge for you. Not just any old challenge, but a “Super Monster Burrito Eating Contest” challenge. This gives me a stomach ache just to type. But here you go:

Come one come all to a truly gluttonous affair at FREEB!RDS where patrons will hone in their inner monster, peel back the foil and try to eat their Super Monster Burrito with in the quickest time! The Dallas winner will get their picture posted in their home store, a FANATIC card preloaded with a free burrito, a FREEB!RD tee and a chance to compete in the “Big Kahuna” championship the following Saturday. If crowned, the “Big Kahuna” winner will win a FANATIC card preloaded with 100 points, a plaque with their picture on it hung in their home store and of course the honor of reigning Super Monster Burrito Eater supreme.

You are probably wondering, what the heck is in this thing? Well, all the usual suspects: rice, mixed cheese, beans, chicken or steak, mixed veggies, queso, pico, salsa, red onion, corn, guacamole, sour cream, cilantro and lettuce. Gulp. The contest will take place at three locations (5500 Greenville Ave, 5000 Beltline, and 238 W. Campbell Road) on February 20 at noon. The entry fee is $12.


  • luniz

    sour cream in a burrito is gross. and stupid.

  • allison

    If I was still able to have dairy, I would slather my burrito in sour cream. (and cheese- and that’s about it)

  • I would drape myself in velvet if was socially acceptable.

  • JS

    I prefer to slather myself in queso.

  • Davey

    @luniz: please explain further…

  • Brad

    If I double up on veggies and beans and exclude the meat and dairy, can I still play? I think I could put down an equally weighted vegan burrito in a hurry.

  • Zach

    lets just skip on the mixed veggies and onions cause i can dominate everything else