Dave Faries is Leaving The Dallas Observer

The Teegster has the Outburst. Dave Faries has the story: he is leaving his position as the Observer‘s dining critic and returning to the Old World. Faries was living in Prague when he took the job at the DO. He says, “Before leaving Prague I had promised to spend a year in a top 10 market, re-learning the joys of top level cuisine (something the Czechs were short of) and learning the art of blogging. I’ve exceeded that, loitering here for many months more. It’s just hard to shake…But, I have opportunities to pursue in the Old World–the life of a shabby expat, you know.”

Dotoho” Dave, we will miss you. Have a palacinka for me.  SO, here’s the big question: who will fill his post? Dallas Dude? Worzel Gummidge? Scott? You guys pick.