Avila’s in Dallas is Closed

Ricardo and mama Anita in happier times.Thanks to the update from blogger, Texaskatey:

Friends tried to go last night — it was closed…. so sad….The website (avilasdallas.com) now has a post on the front page: Sorry for the Inconvenience We Are Expanding to a NEW Location with a GREAT Patio and Lots of Parking.

(John Saxon / John Saxon Photo Inc.)


  • James

    So they don’t actually have a new location yet? I’m guessing they must still be looking for one- otherwise they’s want everyone to know where it’s going to be! Hope they find something great!

  • Lots of parking is key. Diners frequently had to trek across Maple Avenue to dine there. I hope for the best!

  • bad info

    I know that Michelle Andrie and Peter Tarantino have made themselves, along with Ricardo “owners” of Avila’s. But, they are out of place in saying that it’s closed. BTW what happened to their hearing today? Are they supposed to be declared owners today? They fail to mention that they gutted a place that they don’t own?

  • Fergus Rooney

    In the interest of objectivity it would be wise to check with the actual owner of Avila’s, Ms. Anita Avila before issuing any statements about it being closed.

    For the record, Avila’s is not closed. The restaurant is currently going through a transition in management. Press release to follow.

    A blog can be a beautiful forum for some people given there is no fact checking or means to counter defamation.

  • kathy

    I hope Mrs. Avila reopen soon. I am so glad to hear that it is only going through a transition of management. I will go back if Peter is not the manager. He drive us crazy and we stopped going to Avila’s because of him. We have been going since the late 1980’s. This is all good news. Thanks Fergus for your information.

  • PAG

    Unfortunately, within the past year outside influences with self serving agendas have caused a situation to spiral out of control at Anita Avila’s restaurant. The culmination resulting in Ricardo’s 88 year old Mother being named as a Defendant. The family has owned and operated for over 25 years without any of the discord that you are currently witnessing. The erroneous filled blogs, which began in the Avila’s bathroom, are disturbingly false.

    Over the past year Anita Avila, the owner, has been kept out. It has gone beyond keeping her out, but I don’t want to elaborate on those details. A horrific campaign was waged against the Avila family that was not based on facts. We trust that the justice system will deal with the accusors accordingly. Remember, on Nancy’s blog, they claimed that Ricardo would be declared owner in a hearing today?

    Blogs are forums in which parties can make false accusations. Until now, that they’ve prematurely closed Anita Avila’s restaurant, I chose not respond. They’re seriously out of control. Again, justice will prevail.

    Avila’s at 4714 Maple will begin operating as soon as possible. Although Ricardo has gutted the place during the middle of the night, this situation will be rectified very soon.

  • Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

  • cbs

    Blogs/forums/comments are interesting. Few other outlets let one comment on reported facts, claim them to be defamatory and yet provide absolutely zero information to illustrate how said claims are allegedly false.

    This is an interesting (and sad) soap opera, but for my money I’ll get by mexican fix elsewhere all together.

  • JB

    cbs, if ricardo owned the place, like they said in the bathroom blog, why did he gut it overnight like a thug? what’s happening with the court declaring him owner? i guess they also provided police report with gun waving crazies breaking?

  • Cheese Man

    If the new restaurant fails maybe Ricardo could manage a local Taco Bell with Peter as his assistant manager.

  • familyfriend


    The back and forth on this blog is insane! The truth of the matter is, this family is embroiled in a bitter battle; for the record Avila’s IS NOT closed; it is in transition until this matter is sorted and NEW management can get up and running. Which will be very soon. The Avila family has the means and will to run the restauant the way it is meant to be run.

    For anyone that has been to Avila’s over the past 25 years knows that every single Avila family member has been instrumental in running the restuarant. Octavio Jr. and Ricardo have been upfront over much of the past 26 years. Anita and Anna Avila have been in the back ensuring the food is up to par and their recipes lovingly adapted for the restaurant, were prepared correctly. Daughter Patty Avila is the consumate chearleader and PR person, and herself worked on and off in the restaurant over the years.

    Unfortunately over the past few years, Ricardo(who the family let make some the day to day operating decions) has associated himself with people that do not have the best interests of the family at heart, his misguided trust in these people has lead him to make decisions that have negatively affected his Life and his choices, he has deceived his mother, brother, sisters, and nieces and nephew; and as a result he has driven a GIANT wedge beween himself the rest of the Avila Family. If you have been to the restaurant lately you might have noticed the changes.

    Anita Avila the matriarch of the family, owns Avila’s restaurant! Ricardo Avila does NOT own, has NEVER owned and WILL NEVER own any part of Avila’s Mexican Restaurant. Including the name, recipes or anything else associated with this FAMILY restaurant.

    Please pray for the family to be at peace.


  • ojedas


  • waitress

    Wow – so many haters here. When she’s in the restaurant, I have never seen mama Avila anywhere but sitting on her stool. Fact is she’s 87 years old. She may “own” the restaurant but she does not RUN the restaurant. That restaurant continues to succeed because of Ricky. PERIOD. Mrs. Avila can not run that restaurant now without Ricky. Facts are facts.

    I hope they find a good spot. Hopefully they will avoid strip malls and any generic, trendy location. Half the fun is the atmosphere.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Good God, this is pathetic…

  • Darren

    This would make a fantastic “reality” TV show.

    Oh wait, they’ve already done that – “The Restaurant”!

  • waiter

    Waitress, obviously Michelle Andrie the girlfriend, BECAUSE she tends to write with ALL CAPS and uses many … and cannot construct a sentence properly. You know very little about the family because you’ve only know Ricardo for less than a year. I hope that someday someone doesn’t try to take away your yoga studio when you’re 87. If it happens to you, perhaps you will feel the sadness Anita Avila feels today. What goes around comes around. CHEERS!!!

  • Bummer

    I don’t Michelle Andrie and don’t want to meet her. She needs to go back to the yoga studio instead of busting up families.

  • tiredofthe drama

    I have been going to Avila’s for 20 yrs. I wish the family would stop using a public forum to handle this painful private matter. Ricardo made Avila’s what it is. He added the bar he got on Triple D, he stayed true to his families recipes and added some of his own. It’s unfortunate the family doesn’t see this. It’s pathetic that because they don’t like Ricky’s girl friend and friend Peter they have let it come to this. Fine. Mama can sit on the stool and watch her son work. Remember that you love each other and stop being hateful, foolish and greedy (siblings etc. ). Much hope you work this out privately.

  • Scagnetti

    Don’t cry for me Argentina
    The truth is I never left you
    All through my wild days
    My mad existence
    I kept my promise

  • HUH?

    Hey Ricardo,if you own the restaurant, like you said in previous blogs with Michelle and Peter Tarantino, why did you gut it?

  • whostartedthedrama

    There was this little place, all his own, he built it from the ground up, it was called Tradicion. He gave it charm, built the bar and it was the reason people went, to see him. No Mom to dole out the bucks, no recipes from Mommy, no help from his “Family.” Guess what? It was a huge success! The people right now who don’t like the drama should never have instigated it. Hey, by the way, is new place going to be called Tradicion II, or Tarantino’s V? Michelle, the yoga studio owner, plastered pictures of herself and Ricky, and Rick by himself, and then one of Petey. You’re right, they are discreet!!

  • Blog head

    If the new place fails we know that Rick, Michelle, and Pete have a future in blogging.


    How long did Tradicion last? Which of Peter’s restaurant lasted a year? Maybe the lessors should get a long term lease because they can’t keep a place open a little over a year.

  • mark

    I have no horse in this race but I predict
    Avila’s will go on and Ricky’s venture will fail. Rickey’s new overhead will eat him alive. The DDD curse lives on.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    So is this all because Ricky is dating a white broad?

  • joeat

    I am stunned. Tradicion was a HUGE flop, didn’t last a year and shouldn’t have. I went once, ordered, got the app which was so zero I cancelled the rest, got a check and left. It was pitiful. For all you Ricardo followers, using Tradicion as an example of his ability is really stupid.

  • tiredofthe drama

    @ Whostartedthedrama— Who did start the drama? I only know it happened while Ricardo was on a plane trying to escape it? All this talk of Avila’s, where is Ricardo when I NEED a Chile Relleno and Jalarita?

  • I see dead restaurants.

    I’m sad for you Ricky; It must be extremely heartbreaking to see your brothers and sisters posting under aliases to drag you through the mud. Just know that the majority of Avila’s customers know you are the reason the business has doubled. I’m wondering why a family would want their mother in her late 80’s to be anything other than a figure head. Restaurants are dangerous places with slippery floors, doors that fling open, people moving quickly with hot or sharp objects. Just the place I would want my 88 yr old mother to be all the time just waiting to get knocked down. Just know this, If you do get by Ricky, you’ll just turn on each other next. Congratulations on beginning the end of your mothers legacy.

  • Cheese Man

    I agree the food at Tradicion was horrible. I hope Ricardo wasn’t doing the cooking. If so, I don’t think he could make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich unless mamma Avila is their telling him what ingredients to use.

  • Concerned cousin

    Remember, like Michelle said, she sat on a stool and not sliding across the kitchen and dodging sharp objects previous blogger. The Avila’s have always been close. The restaurant has been there 24 and theres never been a problem. People who actually know the family, know this to be true. We’re worried that once Peter and Michelle use Ricky, they’ll turn on him. After all, Michelle has been around for how long?

  • waitress

    @waiter “I hope that someday someone doesn’t try to take away your yoga studio when you’re 87. If it happens to you, perhaps you will feel the sadness Anita Avila feels today.”

    Oh, do you mean the way the siblings tried to take away the restaurant when Ricky went out of town? Lame argument. Anita owns the restaurant, if she wanted Ricky out – he’d be out.

  • I see dead restaurants.

    Other than being a regular customer, I have no “dog,” in this fight. I just know what I’ve seen. A couple of yrs ago, we’d go in and have a good meal in a half full restaurant. Now we go in and have a good meal in a full restaurant. Stop pretending this is about mama sitting on her stool and admit this is a family squabble about money.

  • tiredofthe drama

    @ Cheese man, do you actually have a job or is your only duty to hate on your hardworking brother? No queso, you are stinky blue cheese.

  • whatever

    Give it a rest, people. This whole thing is ridiculous. Think I’ll avoid the restaurant all together, too much family bull****. I’ll take my pesos elsewhere.

  • Cheese Man

    @tired ofthedrama, no more hating from me. My money and taste buds will be at which ever Avila owned restaurant has the best food, drinks, and chili con queso of course.

  • where’s Michael Costa when you need him?

  • intheknow

    I know the whole family well they didn’t know Ricardo was leaving town because they don’t talk anymore. Ricardo is/was a great guy always has been. Do you think you can just call DDD and they come running, no, they came because it has been there for over 20 years and have a great reputation. Every place that is on the show has a boost in buisness. I cant’ understand why he will not let his mother in. Avilas is there because of her. The sisters don’t want any money the brother only wants his job back. From what i’m told they did this because the mother can’t pay her bills without income from the buisness she and her husbend started. This is a very bad thing happening to them and Ricardo. I wish them all peace and good luck to all the Avilas

  • AKutcher

    Sidedish has been punked.

  • alsointheknow

    I worked there briefly Dead Restaurant Man, and this is not about money, it is about Peter Tarantino convincing Ricky to keep Anita out. It’s not about a stool. It’s about bottom feeders taking control. Richard is a nice guy, but he’s let people drive a wedge between him and his family. Don’t know about you a guys, but I never saw a Tarantino’s restaurant last a full year. Peter came because he knew and wanted to cash in on DDD. End of story.

  • Mark G.

    These people need a family counselor and a corporate lawyer, in that order.

  • Wm. B. Travis

    Enjoy the food; LOVE the drama!

  • I see dead restaurants.

    Alsointheknow; don’t know which of the bro’s, sis’s, cousins, nephews you are, but Peter was there months b4 DDD showed up. That said, I could give a sh1t about Peter other than he seems like a decent guy to me. And if Anita was my mother or I was in Ricky’s position, I’d ask her to stay out too. She occupied a revenue generating position and would be in the bartenders way for no reasonable purpose other than she’s bored and in a position to get herself hurt. A fall for a late 80’s person is A: more likely and B: more deadly than it is for someone half that age. I know this from personal experience and won’t argue about it anymore. It’s an idiotic position to proclaim on this or any other board that you all love your mom, grand mom, aunt or whatever more than Ricky does.

  • I see dead restaurants.

    And in the know, every time I re-read your post it becomes more offensive. Again, my ‘dog ‘ in the hunt is customer, what’s yours? Twisted Root hasn’t been in business for 20 months, let alone yrs. So toss that argument. And for God sake, someone teach Anita needlepoint or something, show her how to work the remote control, but if you all love her so much, please keep her out of the restaurant. Ricky is the eldest son in a Mexican family. I can’t imagine he’s letting his mother be destitute. Just not happening and finally, the bro that broke in and threatened employess want’s his job back??? I think we all see why he didn’t have it to start with. I’ll repeat myself. No one was breaking in or clamoring to work there 60 hours a week a yr ago. This is not about an old woman sitting on a stool, it’s $$$

  • I see dead restaurants.

    Thank God for Mia’s. At least there’s never been any family drama there; this public… lol. Where the hell is Mico anyway?

  • sweaty bartender stinks

    i see dead restaurants, aka peter, you were sweaty but not from working. i guess you italians put old people out to pasture. the latinos revere the elderly. so, to not allow her to even visit, which is all she wanted, was a sin. you don’t have any neices, nephews, brothers or cousins to stand up for you peter, because you’re estranged from your family. i wonder why?

  • hilarious

    It’s fitting for Peter to call himself dead restaurants because he’s killed so many restaurants. For the record, not even the skinny waiter fit behind the bar w/ Peter. I remember going in to Avila’s the summer of ’08 when Food Network started the process. Peter must gotten wind of it then. Hey Peter, why don’t you go work at a yoga studio. Quit monitoring the blogs all day!

  • food snob

    LOL. I KNOW Dead Restaurants, I ate dinner with him @ Avila’s last Saturday. We are frequent customers, so the “you are Peter conspiracy theory ” is incorrect. The sweaty is a little hateful towards anyone??? Must be personal.

  • Big Pie

    What the Rodriguez story shows is that, if family members are willing to work hard, they can duplicate the success in multiple locations without hurting the original. Mi Cocina hasn’t hurt business to Mia’s. Manny’s hasn’t hurt business for Mi Cocina. Casa Blanca had some problems but is back in business in a new location. The food is more alike than different across all those restaurants, yet they all succeed.

    Instead of hiding behind pseudonyms and carping at each other on blogs, the people involved with Avila’s need to let the judge make his decisions, then rebuild with whatever they have left.

  • Frito Bandito

    Who blogs a 3am either your a vampire or you are a recently unemployed restaurant manager.

    Ricky u gotsum splanin to do