What is up With Dallas Dude?

dude-smell-thisI am hard at work on the next issue of D Magazine. (Translation: I am perfecting the fine art of procrastination by reading every blog in town.) In a post on December 14 on Eatsblog, Leslie “Catch a Falling Pound” Brenner, announced that frequent foodie blog commenter Dallas Dude was “a real person” and was joining the Eatsblog as a community blogger. She writes:

You may know him from his comments as Dallas Dude, but Steven Doyle is a real person — one who, in his job in high-tech sales, does a lot of driving around the DFW. As he does so, he keeps an eye open for great-looking spots to eat. I’m pleased to tell you that Steven will be joining us as a community blogger… Steven Doyle loves Indian, Chinese, “other ethnic cuisines,” and taqueries; his favorite restaurants include La Calle Dolce, York Street and Kalachandji’s Palace and Restaurant.

A few minutes later I  discover a City of Ate post written on January 4 by Mr. Dave “Fairies” Faries. Mr. F announces the new line-up for City of Ate 2010 which includes this:

On Thursday, newcomer Steve Doyle pits one restaurant against another in Toque To Toque. It’s a dish against dish battle for supremacy.

I’m confused. Is Dallas Dude a real person or is Steve Doyle a real person? Is the City of Ate Steve Doyle the same as the Eatsblog Steven Doyle? Do both Doyles love Kalachandji’s?  Dallas Dude, (I know you’re there), what’s going on? How can you be two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?


  • Genius. I wonder if you’ve now forced Mr. Doyle (if he exists) to choose. Community blogging is a bitch.

  • Anon

    I am wondering who Steve Doyle is really. Is he a food writer?Do you know that Mr. Doyle has been dating my sister for 3yrs and i still don’t know!

  • Scagnetti

    I saw Steven Doyle having lunch with Keyser Söze at York Street.

  • whatever

    Oh really, scag? you think so, huh?

  • primi timpano

    “How can you be two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?”

    It is quite easily done. Everybody knows this is nowhere.


  • Anon

    Damn so you think he is stepping out on my sister ?

  • Twinwillow

    I’m just curious as to where that cat’s paw has been.

  • TLS

    Who is John Galt?

  • JP

    I’m curious to know about the “high tech sales” job is does he sell those flashy things they use on men in black ?