Tea Talk is Coming to SideDish

tHigh tea, royal tea, afternoon tea. Whatever you call it, it most likely conjures up images of prim and proper society folk gathering to sip exotic teas, nibble on finger sandwiches, indulge in scones and clotted cream and discuss the latest town gossip. Or maybe you picture kings and queens taking a break from their royal duties to discuss the latest comings and goings at court. Well, if you love those images as much as we do (we being myself, Style Editor for D Weddings and Raya Ramsey, D Magazine’s Web Producer), then we hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming reviews of Dallas-area tea services. Stuffy girls, we are not. Some might even say we’re quite the opposite. But you don’t have to have the decorum of aristocracy to enjoy an afternoon in the same manner as Queen Elizabeth and her ladies. So check back for our first reviews of The Adolphus and Fearings which are coming soon. And let us know about any tea services you’ve enjoyed or would like us to try out.


  • Kellyn

    Bridal and baby shower hostesses rejoice!

  • LOVE this idea, can’t wait. If you need any secret tasters, I would happily volunteer. (Ha, kidding, sort of…)! I have a fantasy while working away in the financial world, that this someday might be my real job!

    Anyways, can’t wait. Some places that I’d love to see are: Tea Thyme & Tisane in Carrollton, Maudee’s, Cultured Cup, Patti’s Place in Plano, Lavendou (tea service), Arboretum, Screen Door.

  • spoon18

    It isn’t “tea service” per se, but it’s a great tea spot that specializes in teas, pastries (scones!) and some light bites… Village Tea on Preston and Forest (next to the CVS). great spot and GREAT TEA.

  • luniz

    anybody who thinks of those kind of things when it comes to tea is just weird.

  • Kate904

    Village Tea on Preston and Forest is AMAZING!!!

  • KAK

    Eden Cafe (located at 4416 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, 75209) does the most wonderful high tea service in the Bluffview neighborhood. Please include Eden in your reviews of high tea in DFW. Call ahead for reservations (at 972-267-EDEN) so fresh scones can be baked and tea sandwiches made for you. You will not be disapointed!

  • I love this idea and love scouring the neighborhood for fun stuff.

    Happy testing.

  • SAM

    Tea, Thyme & Tisane in Carrollton is great! I can’t wait to have a meeting in the Asian tea room. If you’re looking for something else good, check out Sids Rainbow Grill across the square. Amazing burgers and homemade potato chips.

  • What a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see what interesting places you will find. I love coffee, but I also enjoys a nice cup of tea with a delicious scone and some jam.

  • Kristin Hull

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep ’em coming!

  • buck

    The little boutique Ashton Hotel in Fort Worth also has a tea service —

  • patty

    you have to try their CHAI….