Official Opening Announcement: Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar in Victory Park in Dallas

From the copy and paste press release department. Annie Wong rides again.

Three Thais and a White Guy

Jeffrey Yarbrough joins Tom Chawana, Lam Promwanrat and Kitti Lirtpanaruk to open new Thai concept in Victory Park

DALLAS, TEXAS (January 8, 2010 ) – Local public relations and marketing executive and former restaurateur, Jeffrey Yarbrough, has teamed up with Tom Chawana, founder of Nandina, Lam Promwanrat, partner in Jasmine, and Kitti Lirtpanaruk, founder of  the multi unit Spice Thai Restaurant group, Sea Thai Bistro and Peep Thai Nouveau out of New York. Together these three Thais and white guy are opening a new Thai restaurant late January in Victory Park at 669 High Market St. Dallas, TX 75219, called Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar.

Spice Restaurant Group was looking to expand their operation and their founder, Kitti Lirtpanaruk, felt Dallas would be a great place to start. “With all the people who love Thai food in Dallas, I felt they would love my food especially at the lower price points and high quality. We are known in New York to have great food and affordable prices in beautiful places,” says Kitti. “With Tom and Lam’s experience with design and construction along with Jeffrey’s knowledge of wine and marketing, I knew this was the right team to expand my company.”

Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar will serve traditional Thai cuisine with rich, exotic and distinctive flavors that appeal to both the Thai food connoisseur and those new to the cuisine.  Naga’s interior is modern and upscale featuring abstract light features, marble tables and cozy booths. The menu boasts a variety of well executed Thai dishes with a focus on value. Guest’s favorite appetizers and soups like steamed dumplings and Tom-Yum soup can be found for $5. Most entrees come with your choice of chicken, beef, tofu or veggie for $11 including a Ginger Dish made with white mushrooms, asparagus, carrot, ginger and scallions; or a classic Green Curry with bamboo shoots, eggplant, bell peppers and green peas in coconut green curry. Liberty Noodle and past Chef Annie Wong fans will notice a few of their favorite dishes appearing on the Naga menu like the famous Spicy Noodle dish.  Naga will also feature an exceptional bar offering an extensive Mojito menu and well appointed beer and wine lists. Naga will serve both lunch and dinner Monday thru Friday and dinner only Saturday and Sunday. Weekends will have live music by local DJ’s and a late night bar menu.

“Kitti is a true visionary and what he has done in New York is what I’ve always known Texas was ready for,” says Jeffrey Yarbrough. “Keeping with the new vision of Victory Park, we feel that Naga is the right product and the right price to give Dallas’ consumers what they’ve been wanting in the neighborhood.”


  • DesignBoy

    Oh how I miss Liberty Noodles. This is nice news.

  • Margaret

    Refreash my memory… why does the name Jeffrey Yarbrough sound familiar??

  • shafique

    @Margaret Yarbrough was the guy behind Club Clearview, Art Bar & Cafe, Red and Blind Lemon and Liberty..

  • Margaret, click on the link to Annie Wong rides again in the post.

  • Margaret

    Oh. thanks. Tired head today from the football game last night.

  • PF

    What’s the new vision for Victory Park? I wish them well-

  • Annie Wong passed away in the spring of 2007 in Thailand. Odd you would say she is ‘riding again’. None the less, congratulations to a brilliant restaurantuer and PR man, Jeffrey Yarbrough.

  • CBS

    I have been to Spice and Peep in NYC several times and am consistently impressed by the quality and low price. Add to the mix the best of Liberty Noodle (sorely missed) and this is finally an opening that Dallas needs (and not another steakhouse concept).

    Can’t wait for the open. They’ll get some of my dwindling money.

  • shafique

    they had a soft opening on saturday night with a full bar and a handful of appetizers. unfortunately i didn’t have a chance to make it, but from my conversation with the floor manager, it looks like they’ll be opening on thursday. can’t wait!

  • Steve

    Had the drinks & apps. (all of them) at their soft opening.
    Staff was very prompt and friendly – food was _very_ good -I am optimistic. Hope this is a sing of things to come at VP.

  • Steve

    oops – sign

  • Laura

    Sounds great, and looking forward to it, but when is the hard opening? Soft opening was the 8th and 9th, so are they open now or…? Those things can be helpful to put in press releases, you know.

  • V

    Sad experience there last night. Everything from the service to the food

  • Jack Payne

    Soft opening experience last night was quite satisfying. Great blend of inviting ambiance, fresh and expertly prepared ingredients, and savy attitude of wait staff. Jeffrey Yarbrough promises more original dishes from the old Liberty to appear in coming weeks. Going back soon.