Does Dallas Have a Yogurt District?

Hard-core froyo addicts do not order toppings.
Hard-core froyo addicts do not order toppings.

Yesterday, after I confessed my addiction to the Swirly Goodness of Pinkberry, a commenter, John M, admitted he is tempted to mainline frozen yogurt. He’s even begs you for a place to score. Light a cig, pull up a cold folding chair, and listen to his story:

OK, now I have a Red Mango a block away from my house and a Yogalicious, Orange Cup and Pinkberry half a mile and a free trolly ride away. I’m too lazy and a creature of habit to figure this out and have tried none of them so could someone please tell me where I should be going since I apparently live in the yogurt district now?

A yogurt district. Brilliant. The thought of a yogurt district in Dallas makes my heart race. Image a city full of froyo addicts. Taking public transportation to get  a fix. Pinkberry’s secret recipe sold to undercover agents in the alley behind Landry’s  in the West End. Red Mango corporate executives gunned down in an Italian restaurant. (Oh wait, we don’t have any good ones. Okay, a New American restaurant with truffle fries.) Dallas, once again, will make international headlines. Al Pacino is still around. He will play John M. in a remake of Panic in Needle Park .

Do you have two or more froyo spots near your house? Are you scared? Do you let your kids go to Menchie’s alone? (Full disclosure: I relapsed last night and hit Pinkberry at 7:30 pm. There were 16 kids between 14 and 18 in that tiny store.) You think this is a joke? Then your mother never allowed you to eat baked cellulite.


  • bluebird

    Appreciate the random bolded phrases!

  • John M

    Red Mango is even has their corporate headquarters above their store on McKinney Ave, and I didn’t include Paciugo in the list because it is gelato, but it is still in the same genre for food.

    So much yogurt.

  • Wes Mantooth

    2 new places have opened up in NDallas, one next to the Starbucks & donut place on Arapaho just west of Hillcrest and another next to the Starbucks at Coit & Campbell. My bet is that this fad lasts slightly longer than the we’ll-help-you-eBay-your-junk franchises.

    Of course, there is still the mother of all TCBY’s at Coit & Campbell too, for those of you who like your froyo in the old school style.

  • Lauren

    The place at coit and Campbell is by far the best!!! It’s called tutti fruiti and it’s mostly fruit flavors that are amazing!! If you’re going for gelato, check out Talenti, it’s made locally and is amazing!

  • b

    fwiw, Berry Berry (2 locations: Addison & Knox/Henderson) has the best flavor/texture of any of the froyo places I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a LOT: Pinkberry, orange cup, yogilicious, etc etc)

  • CB

    2 are opening in Coppell. One is Cherry on Top and I can’t remember the name of the other one.

  • Twinwillow

    I’m anxious to watch the coming “yogurt war” between all these new yogurt shops in the West Village area. The seemingly non-stop patronage of Yogalicious could be severely threatened by Pinkberry’s new shop only 50 feet away across the street.
    As for me, I’ll stick to Natsumi’s fabulous gelato on Henderson Avenue.
    And, what the hell ever happened to good old ice cream shops. Just where does one go if they have a craving for a good old vanilla ice cream sundae covered with thick hot fudge, gobs of whipped cream, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry? With the stem, please!

  • laurie

    Within about two miles of my house, I have one Menchies, two Red Mangos, two I heart yogurts, & two orange cups, along with two Pacuigos. Love it!

    For the tart flavors, I prefer Orange Cup and Menchies. For sweet flavors, I think Menchies is the best, followed by I heart Yogurt. I like Pinkberry, too, but it’s THREE miles away!

  • Jill Housewright

    Yeah, as Twinwillow said
    West Village has:
    Yogalicious, Pinkberry, Orange Cup, and Pacuigo – not to mention the Red Mango down the street – and in January?
    Its like the guy who had the bright idea to open that soup place that failed on McKinney in August – dont owners think about what customers want to eat during certain seasons?
    I am sure I am not the only one who wants soup in the winter and frozen yogurt in the summer.

  • I’ve tried/studied/researched them all…ALL, and Yogilicious (which is supposed to change their branding to Yummilicious sometime soon, so don’t be confused when it does) is the BEST! And I thought I was a hardcore Pinkberry fan after eating it for 7 days straight when visiting NYC a few years back.

    But I’ve since tried the new PB over at Preston/Royal, and I have to say, I still give it to Yogi. It’s just so creamy, and you can’t beat their selection of toppings – it’s like 30!

  • doodad

    I don’t get all the ‘tart’ wave, I’d rather have something sweet.

    For those who dare to go north, I just found a place called Spoonfull at Park/Coit in Plano. Wasn’t bad, they do theirs by weight, not a s-m-l pricing system. I don’t think it’s another “district” just yet, even though Baskin-Robbins is across the street or you can get your own take-home I guess, at the CVS on the corner…