Dine at Tei-An, Gain Access to Exclusive Rooftop Lounge

As if dining at Tei-An wasn’t great enough on it’s own, the experience can now continue even after you’ve finished the last slurp of soba (or the last bite of white seaweed salad…or the last shishito pepper). The restaurant announced today that its rooftop bar is now open–but you can only gain access by eating at Tei-An or buying a membership. The Brad has some pics on his blog, and from the looks of things, you should probably have a pretty good view of the Winspear Opera House. The lounge will be open Tues–Sun from 5:30 pm to 2 am. For info on memberships and special events, contact Yosuke Fukuda (rooftop lounge director) at 214-220-2828.